Tying the final knot I examine my handiwork and smile. I love the way it looks. The bright red satin tie against flesh was so very erotic. I love the power he has over me.  The pleasure I gain from bondage is sensually unimaginable. The ties that bind me are unbreakable. I chafe at them when his words hurt, but I remain bound and submissive to his wishes

He enjoys the pleasure I give him I love the challenge he poses. No hands or fingers everything else is fair game. How long will it take? I laugh to myself, “how many licks to get to the centre of a tootsie pop”. How fast will my tongue make him cum?

I start with his feet and I love the look of anticipation on his face as my tongue traces the outer edge of his big toe, slowly over the tops of his toes my tongue roams.  I stab in between his toes and he shivers as the thick wetness of my tongue fucks his foot.  Before I move on my mouth descends on his big toe and I suck hard letting my tongue tickle the pad of his toe.  Up his leg I travel allowing my hard nipples to follow the wet trail left my mouth and tongue.  He’s spread beneath my face and I know he wants me to lick him, suck his gorgeous cock into my hot wet mouth.  I slowly lower my head and  I’m a breath away, his balls are tight, his pre-cum bubbled at the  crest of his pink head.  It’s so hard for me not to reach my tongue out and lick it off, taste him, devour him.  His pleasure would be fleeting and tonight is all about how much I can give him, not how fast I can make it end.  I slowly exhale and I can see him stretch bigger, harder, his cock growing and searching for my mouth.  I lower my mouth to his thigh and bite him hard; hard enough to make him jump.

He can feel my wetness as I grind on his leg.  His hair is soft on my shaved pussy and my grinding is adding just the right friction on my clit, keeping me wet.  The visual feast before me is adding to my euphoric state, my eyes beg him to allow me to cum, just enough to take the edge off, just enough to let me finish our game.  He knows just by looking at me “Let me watch” he softly says.  His raspy sexy voice sends shivers down my spine, I am bombarded with a million visions of him mounting me, feeling his breath on my face, hearing his groans as he cums, revelling in those words I never tire of hearing.

I straddle his upper thighs and balance on my knees over him.  I slowly slide my middle two fingers down my slit, slowly separating my puffy lips.  My fingers slide through my heat, seeking the warmth of my hole.  They are not disappointed and neither is he as he listens to how wet I am as  I slide my fingers deep inside me.  I push my fingers in and out gathering just a taste of my honey.  He can see the wet trail I leave over my mound as I slide my fingers toward my breasts.  First I paint my right nipple, my fingers return to my well and slowly paint my left nipple.  My fingers, still glistening, beg to be sucked clean.  I lean forward and can feel his cock pulsing up towards my stomach, his smell is all man, his breathing is shallow; he’s waiting, waiting to taste me.  Holding myself over him with my left hand on the bed beside his head, I am a breath away from his lips, his mouth; his favourite implement used to torture me.  I slide my wet fingers in between us, not letting him taste but letting him smell, sliding some wetness across his philtrum, his nostrils flare taking me in.  I slide my fingers into my mouth in front of him, slowly sucking and licking each.  When I am done I lick his chin and across his lips, he slowly licks his lips tasting the flavor of pussy my mouth has left behind.  I know he enjoys it, he’s pushing his rock hard cock into my stomach trying to get some relief.  Fast relief is not what brings him pleasure, torturing me, making me wait for what is mine gets him off.

Sitting back on his thighs I take a deep breath, my 2 index fingers slide into my slit and I open myself, showing him, taunting him.  He can end this with  two words but that would make me the victor, something he enjoys making me work hard for.  I push 2 fingers into my cunt and slide my wetness across my lips and up to my clit.  I suck and wet 2 fingers of my left hand, sliding them out of my mouth and push my wet fingers into my ass.  My hips gyrating as my fingers start to make my body tingle and pulse.  I slide up his body so I am directly over his cock.  It looks painful, stretched so tight, his head a deep pink covered in pre cum.  My fingers work fast, he knows I am close, my breathing is coming in fast pants and moans, his eyes have not left my cunt, he’s waiting.  Every muscle in my body is tight, waiting to snap as I crumble into the bliss that I crave every time I think of him.  I feel the first wave wash over me and my head falls down my back, my hair caressing my ass as it flows with my movements.  The second wave hits and I let go, squirting over his cock and stomach.  My juice washes over him, filling the room with the smell of sex, the smell of his power over me.  My body twitching as I empty myself I watch him pull at his ties, knowing I have won a little; he wants me, he craves me, good or bad it’s me on his brain, and right now he wants to bury that cock inside me.

I come down from the best high in the world and slowly move down his body.  His stomach is wet and my juice is pooled inside his sexy belly button.  I lap at it like an animal and when it’s empty I slide my tongue across his lower abs loving the way his muscles jump, his stomach tightens.  I give in and taste just his tip, pointing my tongue and sliding it across his piss hole, loving the taste of him covered in me.

Lifting myself slightly I slide my breasts over his drenched cock, his pubic hair scratching my nipples sending little jolts through my body. Resting my breasts on each side of his junk I squeeze and begin to fuck that gorgeous piece of meat with my tits.  They’re just the right size to engulf him in my silky heat.  My pussy juice adding that little bit of lube needed to fuck him smooth.  Slowly at first I stroke him holding him tight.  I love to watch his glistening pink head slide up and down so very close to my mouth.  I know if he had his hands free they would be filled with my hair, tightening and holding me while he made good use of my dirty little mouth.  He’s close I know it so I squeeze his cock tight and spit on the tip of his porn stick picking up my pace, watching his eyes close and his body tighten.  The room is filled with the squishing sounds of his slick cock sliding in between my breasts.  My breath is as raspy and stuttered as his, the tension in his body can be felt in the air that surrounds us.  He pulses and I know my gift has arrived.

The first jets of his jizz hit my chin and mouth.  I could suck him dry but I want his cum on me, painting me, branding me.  I continue to pump him, milking him, coating my breasts and face in his spunk.  Tonight he is mine and no one else’s, I’ve worked hard for this gift and I will enjoy it.  He softens and relaxes, spent and empty.  I straddle his thighs again and let him see his work, His cum on my cheeks and chin, coating my lips.  I slide my finger under my chin capturing some as it slides down my face. Licking and sucking my finger clean I proceed to clean my face swallowing it all while he watches.  I finish my treat and start to clean him up. I slowly mouth his whole soft cock sucking it clean.  Licking the cum off his pubic hair, rubbing my face in his soft bush, loving the feel and smell of him. Travelling further down I lap at his perfectly shaved smooth balls, sucking one into my mouth and then the other.  His cum has settled between the cheeks of his ass.  I bend back toward the end of the bed and untie his feet.  Settling between them I rub his ankles as I push his feet up in the air bending his knees.

His pucker is juicy and covered in his cum, I love looking at him this way, so open and trusting, giving himself to me.  I flick my tongue over that sensitive spot between his balls and his asshole.  Tickling and teasing as I dart around his hole, coming close to giving him what he wants, but not yet.  His skin is smooth under my tongue, his taste salty and manly.  He’s starting to harden again and I smile, I’m going to love winning, hearing him beg me to untie him, to let him sink that porn stick deep into me.  My hair is tickling his thighs and he is shifting, I can feel his tension building.  I finally give in and kiss his brown hole, an open mouth, slurpy kiss.  I start tonguing his sweet chocolate kiss like I would his mouth.  I settle in and feast on that hole licking and slurping and driving him crazy.  I can see his thighs start to shake; I tear myself away from his sexy ass and look at him.  My spit smeared across my lips and cheeks, evidence of how much I enjoy devouring his sweet sexy ass.  “Untie me” he commands, I smile and use my finger to remove the small bead of pre cum already on the head of his delicious cock.  I lift it to my mouth and lick it slowly; then pounce. I cover his body and my mouth is on his as I reach for the ties.

The second his wrists are free I’m thrown onto my back.  His weight is welcome, his strength is overwhelming and comforting.  My legs are pushed wide and I draw them higher opening my swollen wet snatch.  I waste no time in grinding against him, seeking my release.  He wastes no time in forcefully entering me.  Making me gasp at the violence of his entry, I love the way he fills me. His tongue stabbing my mouth with the same intensity and rhythm as his cock, he consumes me.  He is a master at making me truly senseless, and irresponsible with my thoughts and feelings.  My thoughts are of nothing but the pleasure I am getting from him slamming into me, the harder the better. His grinding against my clit brings me closer and closer.  My whole body tingles with sensations I can’t even describe. I feel only the fullness of his meat, hear only the smack of skin on skin and my world can end at that moment for all I care.

I have taken all I can and explode around him.  My pussy sucking on his cock trying to hold him inside me, I pulse as my tissues swell.  His strokes become faster and harder and jolt my whole body.  I cling to him as he holds me and empties himself, warmth and tenderness replace the stark primal need we only moments ago were experiencing.  Sweaty and gasping for breath we collapse.

I smile as my fingertips dance across his back and wonder to myself what I will need to do to win the next game! I think I’ll need to go shopping!

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