Tying the final knot I examine my handiwork and smile. I love the way it looks. The bright red satin tie against flesh was so very erotic. I love the power he has over me.  The pleasure I gain from bondage is sensually unimaginable. The ties that bind me are unbreakable. I chafe at them when his words hurt, but I remain bound and submissive to his wishes

He enjoys the pleasure I give him I love the challenge he poses. No hands or fingers everything else is fair game. How long will it take? I laugh to myself, “how many licks to get to the centre of a tootsie pop”. How fast will my tongue make him cum?

I start with his feet and I love the look of anticipation on his face as my tongue traces the outer edge of his big toe, slowly over the tops of his toes my tongue roams.  I stab in between his toes and he shivers as the thick wetness of my tongue fucks his foot.  Before I move on my mouth descends on his big toe and I suck hard letting my tongue tickle the pad of his toe.  Up his leg I travel allowing my hard nipples to follow the wet trail left my mouth and tongue.  He’s spread beneath my face and I know he wants me to lick him, suck his gorgeous cock into my hot wet mouth.  I slowly lower my head and  I’m a breath away, his balls are tight, his pre-cum bubbled at the  crest of his pink head.  It’s so hard for me not to reach my tongue out and lick it off, taste him, devour him.  His pleasure would be fleeting and tonight is all about how much I can give him, not how fast I can make it end.  I slowly exhale and I can see him stretch bigger, harder, his cock growing and searching for my mouth.  I lower my mouth to his thigh and bite him hard; hard enough to make him jump.

He can feel my wetness as I grind on his leg.  His hair is soft on my shaved pussy and my grinding is adding just the right friction on my clit, keeping me wet.  The visual feast before me is adding to my euphoric state, my eyes beg him to allow me to cum, just enough to take the edge off, just enough to let me finish our game.  He knows just by looking at me “Let me watch” he softly says.  His raspy sexy voice sends shivers down my spine, I am bombarded with a million visions of him mounting me, feeling his breath on my face, hearing his groans as he cums, revelling in those words I never tire of hearing.

I straddle his upper thighs and balance on my knees over him.  I slowly slide my middle two fingers down my slit, slowly separating my puffy lips.  My fingers slide through my heat, seeking the warmth of my hole.  They are not disappointed and neither is he as he listens to how wet I am as  I slide my fingers deep inside me.  I push my fingers in and out gathering just a taste of my honey.  He can see the wet trail I leave over my mound as I slide my fingers toward my breasts.  First I paint my right nipple, my fingers return to my well and slowly paint my left nipple.  My fingers, still glistening, beg to be sucked clean.  I lean forward and can feel his cock pulsing up towards my stomach, his smell is all man, his breathing is shallow; he’s waiting, waiting to taste me.  Holding myself over him with my left hand on the bed beside his head, I am a breath away from his lips, his mouth; his favourite implement used to torture me.  I slide my wet fingers in between us, not letting him taste but letting him smell, sliding some wetness across his philtrum, his nostrils flare taking me in.  I slide my fingers into my mouth in front of him, slowly sucking and licking each.  When I am done I lick his chin and across his lips, he slowly licks his lips tasting the flavor of pussy my mouth has left behind.  I know he enjoys it, he’s pushing his rock hard cock into my stomach trying to get some relief.  Fast relief is not what brings him pleasure, torturing me, making me wait for what is mine gets him off.

Sitting back on his thighs I take a deep breath, my 2 index fingers slide into my slit and I open myself, showing him, taunting him.  He can end this with  two words but that would make me the victor, something he enjoys making me work hard for.  I push 2 fingers into my cunt and slide my wetness across my lips and up to my clit.  I suck and wet 2 fingers of my left hand, sliding them out of my mouth and push my wet fingers into my ass.  My hips gyrating as my fingers start to make my body tingle and pulse.  I slide up his body so I am directly over his cock.  It looks painful, stretched so tight, his head a deep pink covered in pre cum.  My fingers work fast, he knows I am close, my breathing is coming in fast pants and moans, his eyes have not left my cunt, he’s waiting.  Every muscle in my body is tight, waiting to snap as I crumble into the bliss that I crave every time I think of him.  I feel the first wave wash over me and my head falls down my back, my hair caressing my ass as it flows with my movements.  The second wave hits and I let go, squirting over his cock and stomach.  My juice washes over him, filling the room with the smell of sex, the smell of his power over me.  My body twitching as I empty myself I watch him pull at his ties, knowing I have won a little; he wants me, he craves me, good or bad it’s me on his brain, and right now he wants to bury that cock inside me.

I come down from the best high in the world and slowly move down his body.  His stomach is wet and my juice is pooled inside his sexy belly button.  I lap at it like an animal and when it’s empty I slide my tongue across his lower abs loving the way his muscles jump, his stomach tightens.  I give in and taste just his tip, pointing my tongue and sliding it across his piss hole, loving the taste of him covered in me.

Lifting myself slightly I slide my breasts over his drenched cock, his pubic hair scratching my nipples sending little jolts through my body. Resting my breasts on each side of his junk I squeeze and begin to fuck that gorgeous piece of meat with my tits.  They’re just the right size to engulf him in my silky heat.  My pussy juice adding that little bit of lube needed to fuck him smooth.  Slowly at first I stroke him holding him tight.  I love to watch his glistening pink head slide up and down so very close to my mouth.  I know if he had his hands free they would be filled with my hair, tightening and holding me while he made good use of my dirty little mouth.  He’s close I know it so I squeeze his cock tight and spit on the tip of his porn stick picking up my pace, watching his eyes close and his body tighten.  The room is filled with the squishing sounds of his slick cock sliding in between my breasts.  My breath is as raspy and stuttered as his, the tension in his body can be felt in the air that surrounds us.  He pulses and I know my gift has arrived.

The first jets of his jizz hit my chin and mouth.  I could suck him dry but I want his cum on me, painting me, branding me.  I continue to pump him, milking him, coating my breasts and face in his spunk.  Tonight he is mine and no one else’s, I’ve worked hard for this gift and I will enjoy it.  He softens and relaxes, spent and empty.  I straddle his thighs again and let him see his work, His cum on my cheeks and chin, coating my lips.  I slide my finger under my chin capturing some as it slides down my face. Licking and sucking my finger clean I proceed to clean my face swallowing it all while he watches.  I finish my treat and start to clean him up. I slowly mouth his whole soft cock sucking it clean.  Licking the cum off his pubic hair, rubbing my face in his soft bush, loving the feel and smell of him. Travelling further down I lap at his perfectly shaved smooth balls, sucking one into my mouth and then the other.  His cum has settled between the cheeks of his ass.  I bend back toward the end of the bed and untie his feet.  Settling between them I rub his ankles as I push his feet up in the air bending his knees.

His pucker is juicy and covered in his cum, I love looking at him this way, so open and trusting, giving himself to me.  I flick my tongue over that sensitive spot between his balls and his asshole.  Tickling and teasing as I dart around his hole, coming close to giving him what he wants, but not yet.  His skin is smooth under my tongue, his taste salty and manly.  He’s starting to harden again and I smile, I’m going to love winning, hearing him beg me to untie him, to let him sink that porn stick deep into me.  My hair is tickling his thighs and he is shifting, I can feel his tension building.  I finally give in and kiss his brown hole, an open mouth, slurpy kiss.  I start tonguing his sweet chocolate kiss like I would his mouth.  I settle in and feast on that hole licking and slurping and driving him crazy.  I can see his thighs start to shake; I tear myself away from his sexy ass and look at him.  My spit smeared across my lips and cheeks, evidence of how much I enjoy devouring his sweet sexy ass.  “Untie me” he commands, I smile and use my finger to remove the small bead of pre cum already on the head of his delicious cock.  I lift it to my mouth and lick it slowly; then pounce. I cover his body and my mouth is on his as I reach for the ties.

The second his wrists are free I’m thrown onto my back.  His weight is welcome, his strength is overwhelming and comforting.  My legs are pushed wide and I draw them higher opening my swollen wet snatch.  I waste no time in grinding against him, seeking my release.  He wastes no time in forcefully entering me.  Making me gasp at the violence of his entry, I love the way he fills me. His tongue stabbing my mouth with the same intensity and rhythm as his cock, he consumes me.  He is a master at making me truly senseless, and irresponsible with my thoughts and feelings.  My thoughts are of nothing but the pleasure I am getting from him slamming into me, the harder the better. His grinding against my clit brings me closer and closer.  My whole body tingles with sensations I can’t even describe. I feel only the fullness of his meat, hear only the smack of skin on skin and my world can end at that moment for all I care.

I have taken all I can and explode around him.  My pussy sucking on his cock trying to hold him inside me, I pulse as my tissues swell.  His strokes become faster and harder and jolt my whole body.  I cling to him as he holds me and empties himself, warmth and tenderness replace the stark primal need we only moments ago were experiencing.  Sweaty and gasping for breath we collapse.

I smile as my fingertips dance across his back and wonder to myself what I will need to do to win the next game! I think I’ll need to go shopping!

Digital Sex Part 20 Final Chapter

Dear M,

We wanted to thank you for telling our story and to let you know this will be the last of what we share with you for your blog.  What started as online flirting has turned into a true respect and affection for one another.   People come and go through your life, there are a few that linger and set roots supporting you through life’s challenges.  He is such a person in my life and I in his.  We thank the readers and hope that our chats have made people realize that time is short and you really need to grab what happiness you can and regret nothing.  If you find someone you can be open and honest with don’t hold back.  So I guess there’s one last part of our tale that needs to be told …..

I’m so nervous as I start to get off the plane.  I know he’ll be there.  After 6 long agonizingly, sexually torturous months, we’ll finally meet and simply hold each other.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of touching him.  A lifetime together won’t be long enough to do everything I want to do to him.  So I’ll make the most of the next 2 days.   I am being a self doubting idiot asking myself a million times through the flight, “what if he doesn’t like me, what if he doesn’t think I’m sexy.  What if…”.   God those “what ifs” kill you.  I straighten my backbone and remind myself he knows me, the real me, the one I hide from almost everyone but him.  He’s not going to care about my cellulite or wrinkles around my eyes.  I know this because I know him, the real him, the him he hides from almost everyone but me.

I stepped off the escalator, the glass doors opened to a frenzy of people greeting their loved ones as they entered the baggage area.  I clutched my carry on and scanned the crowd.  As the seconds ticked by I wondered if he’d changed his mind, then I see him.  God he made my mouth water. He was wearing his black dress pants and a blue button up dress shirt.  To anyone else he looked like any other great looking man.  To me he looked like the sexy brilliant man I knew he was.  He smiled that little smirk and I smiled back.  I moved towards him, I wanted to run and tackle him, but I maintained control.  I stopped in front of him and simply said “Hi Sexy”.  Bending his head he kissed my lips lightly. So achingly sweet and innocent.  Then his lips were gone.  He whispered “let’s get your bag and get out of here”.

I smile now because we had always wondered what that first touch would be like.  I remember our chats, we talked about barely making it to the car before I’d want him in my throat, or he’d want to fuck me hard and fast in the parking lot.  With one look at him and the gentle touch of his lips I simply wanted to love his body, nothing hard and fast or dirty, I wanted him to feel desired and above everyone else, because to me he was.  I wanted to be locked away and spend hours touching, licking and sucking him so I could convey to him how I felt without saying the words neither of us had a right to say or hear.  We have always made the most of the time we have had together and this time was no different we would close out the world and simply take happiness for ourselves.

The drive from the airport was quiet, we chatted about mundane things.  The kids, work, friends in common, carefully avoiding any mention of spouses.  I walked into the room as he opened the door.  It was a standard hotel room, nothing terribly fancy but we didn’t need fancy.  I dropped my carry on as he placed my bag on the luggage rack.  I turned and kissed him, slowly sliding my tongue along his lips, he opened and I drank him in.  Sweetness filled me as I moved my hands up his sides and across his chest.  I thought to myself, how surreal; there isn’t a part of him I haven’t seen or imagined touching.  He felt and tasted better than anything I had ever imagined.  I broke the kiss and started to unbutton his shirt. Slowly, with my tongue, I traced a line across his jaw, down his neck and across his collarbone.  His chest was nicely furred with soft dark hair, I loved how soft it felt as I rubbed my face across it.  I sought out his nipples and sucked one into my mouth, toying with the other, rolling it between my index finger and thumb.  His hands moved up my back and become buried in my hair.  Slowly he pulled my head away bending and kissing me, walking me back into the wall.  Firmly pressed against me I felt his body, his turgid erection, his muscles, his heat.  The gentle stroking of his tongue made me wet, and I needed to have him.  I moved to his belt, his pants fell to his feet as I fell to my knees in front of him.  I was face to face with that gorgeous meat, I was in awe of his strength, the trust he put in me.  I was eager for the pleasure he was going to give me.  I wrapped my hand around his shaft,  angling it upward I slowly licked from his balls to the very tip of his pink glistening head.  He truly has a cock that’s made for porn, his smooth thickness, hot, and hard as steel.  His cock was perfection and I can’t imagine any woman not wanting to suck him deep into her.  I remember being overjoyed at that moment simply because he was mine.  I slid his smooth shaft across my tongue and into my mouth.  He reached for my hands, pulling them above my head as he pushed his cock slowly across my tongue and deeper into my mouth. He released my hands knowing I wouldn’t move them.  The back of my head was against the wall as I sat on my feet, his hands moved to my head and he stroked my hair.  Gathering handfuls he held me tight and pushed fully into my throat, then pulled back, over and over, again and again.  I gagged slightly at the size of him as his strokes got faster and rougher.  I drooled as he pulled out of my mouth and he wiped the spit from his cock over my face.  My face glistened as he pushed back into me, fucking my face.  The sloppy sounds we made and the image we would have portrayed to any onlookers were truly hot.  My head firmly held against the wall, his hands cradled each side not as a sign of dominance, he simply wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt me as he thrusted in and out of my wet drooling mouth.  My hands held high above my head however, was an obvious show of submission.  I had surrendered not only my mouth and body, but my soul.  I was his to do with as he pleased.  I’ll never forget how good it felt to simply let go, not worrying about anything as I surrendered to his needs.  He said it was sexy to watch me gain my pleasure from the trust we placed in each other at that exact moment.  I feel very sorry for women that don’t simply give themselves up to the act of oral sex.  It’s one of the most intimate encounters a couple can have.  The taste, the smell, the feel, it’s highly erotic and should be sloppy, uncontrolled and make your nerve endings tingle.  I ached to touch him but I knew I would get my chance later.  I gave him everything I had and pleasured him, he gifted me with his cum and I swallowed every drop as he pulsed and softened in my mouth, I luxuriated in hearing his velvety voice finally say my name.

Both of us naked, the warm water of the shower flowed over us.  I was right, he’s not concerned with my not quite firm tummy, or those 5 pounds we all seem to have a hard time losing when we hit middle age.  He looked at me with lust and excitement and made me feel sexy.  Out of the shower we dried off and found pleasure in the simple gesture of him brushing my hair or me rubbing lotion on his feet and back.  I laughed as he shared a knock knock joke and a silly story about the nosy people on the bus, and he educated me on “who shot first”.  We have always had an easiness in trusting that no matter what we say or how we look, the other would never judge harshly or meanly no matter what.

He gently laid me down on the bed and one by one sucked my toes.  The feel of his hot wet mouth surrounding each digit was exhilarating and made my cunt clench.  My breath came faster and I felt the blush of heat rising up my chest and into my cheeks.  His fingertips and mouth slowly laid claim to each inch of my skin as he moved across my feet, kissing and licking the inside of my ankles, and up my calves.  Clutching the backs of my knees he pulled me to the bottom of the bed, and placed my feet upon his shoulders.  His sexy voice told me what he intended, what he would make me do, every naughty detail in that deep, rich voice.  His words I hold in my heart.  Replaying them daily I smile at the intimacy and openess we share.  I shivered as his tongue slid up the inside of my right thigh and then my left.  Leaning forward he kissed my mons.  Blowing a light stream of air on that wet kiss made my thighs fall open and my feet slide down his back.  I will never forget the sight of his head between my open legs, simply enjoying the moment looking at me fully open and vulnerable in front of him.  He smiled as he caught me biting my lip, I greedily waited for him to open me and devour me with his wickedly delicious mouth.  Finally, his fingers separated my outer lips and I watched as he closed his eyes inhaling my scent, finally his tongue touched me. That first warm wet lick caused me to clench my fists, my nails digging into the palms of my hand.  The pleasure was immediate and I felt myself starting to cum right away.  The anticipation of that moment was too great.  His finger entered me as his tongue found my clit.  Lifting my pelvis I pushed hard into his face, his free hand pushed me back down holding my pelvis hard into the bed.  Lifting his head he told me “let go, Babe” and I did.  The pleasure washed over me and I came, gasping and moaning his name.  It felt sweet to say it and have him hear it.  The rough texture of his tongue spearing my hole, drinking my climax, my thighs closed tightly around his head and I wanted to keep him there forever.   As the pulsing in my cunt slowed, he lifted his head and my juice glistened on his face.  I don’t think I’ll ever see a more erotic sight.  He slowly slid up my body never breaking eye contact with me. He knew what he did to me, slowly sliding his sweet skin across mine leaving nothing behind but a burning want, a need to have him inside me.  He was a master at making me feel wanted, desired and conquered, everthing I needed from him.  Today he needed to dominate, to push me harder and make me wait.  The edge of my need had been reduced with my last orgasm, but it was still there pulsing and aching.  I so wanted to beg him, beg him to push deep into me.  I pushed my pelvis into his groin, my nipples hardened as his chest hair brushed across them.  He pushed me hard into the mattress and smirked.

Kissing my neck he calmly explained that I would do as he said or suffer the consequences.  Any resistance or question of his authority would result in me waiting longer for what I wanted, what he knew I needed.  I nodded my acceptance and wondered what he had planned for me.  How hard would he push my limits?  Pushing himself up and off of me, I immediately missed his weight and heat.  He lifted me and stood me next to the bed.  Moving to his bag he withdrew some rope.  Motioning with his finger he told me to turn around and I did so placing my hands behind my back.  Slowly he tied the rope around my waist, knotting the rope on my belly.  Pulling the two ends between my legs, taking his time, making sure the rope sat inside my outer lips plumping them nicely.  Then up between my ass cheeks and finally wrapping around my wrists.  The rope was not pulled tight, he left it slightly slack so each time my arms moved the rope caressed my already hard nub causing my pussy to ache and become wetter. He pulled on my arms enjoying my pain and misery as I tried to maintain control over my cunt.  It was a losing battle.  “You’re in pain my pet.  I can see how hard you’re trying to control that wet sloppy cunt of yours.  Soon I will hear how wet you are, hear the sounds you make when you push your fingers deep inside you.  I have listened to it in your voice notes, how hot you have made me, how hard.  You’re a dirty little girl and you need to be punished for what you do to me.  He pulled my arms away from my back tightening the rope across my inner lips, I gasped with the tension it caused to my clit.  He knelt in front of me and I strained to push my cunt into his face.  I was desperate to cum and just wanted that sensual mouth back on me, soothing the burn from the rope and the ache it was creating.  I was so close but couldn’t reach that point, frustrated I watched as he looked at me, he was enjoying the view.  His fingers traced the rope from my waist to where the ends disappeared inside my lips, plumping them out and framing my inner lips.  He was so close I could feel his breath, I started to whimper and he looked up at me.

A knock at the door drew my attention away from him until he stood, smiling, in front of me.  Without saying a word he swatted my ass leaving his hand print, a bright red mark of ownership.  He opened the door to a younger petite redhead.  She walked in and kissed him on the cheek.  I knew who she was at once.  We had spoken about her many times.  At first I was crushed to see Sarah walk through the door, crushed that he would have chosen to involve her in our first night together.  Then I thought about what we had talked about and how he had spoken of her.  He never once spoke about how he wanted to fuck her, how tight she’d be, or how good she’d be sucking him off.  He had said how hot she would look between my legs, how seeing her kiss me or suck my nipples would get him off, how exciting it would be for him to watch me experience my first taste of pussy.  I then knew he had done this for me.

I watched as she slid her coat off and he hung it up.  She was tiny all over, she wore simply a bra and panties.  I could see her small perky breasts through her black lace bra.  Her large nipples were a  beautiful shade of pink, which looked gorgeous with her fair skin.  She had a tiny waist and beautifully flared hips.  She smiled at me and introduced herself.  He slid his arms around my waist and tugged on the rope.  Kissing my temple he told me how he’d set this all up the last time he had been in Chicago.  Over drinks he had told her about me and the idea had blossomed.  Sarah had a very open marriage and very much enjoyed threesomes.  She told him to sit in the chair in the corner of the room, he did as she asked.   Relaxing he stretched his legs out and silently watched.  He stroked his already hard cock slowly, teasing me, knowing how much I wanted it.  Taunting me I wondered, or silently giving me courage, promising that his fucking gorgeous cock was worth the wait?

My sight was drawn away and I focussed on Sarah as she stood in front of me.  She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.  Her breasts were perfection, perfectly round and firm.  The color of her skin was alabaster without a trace of imperfection.  Her nipples were as I had thought, the perfect shade of pink.  Her nipples were large and I imagined what they would feel like in my mouth, sucking and rolling my tongue around them.  As if reading my mind she held her breasts up to me, pinching her nipples, making them hard and long.  Her hands left her breasts and travelled across her stomach and hooked the sides of her skimpy black lace panties.  Teasing she slowly slid one side down revealing a small amount of her pussy, then she pushed the opposite side across her hips revealing her clean shaven pussy.  It was smooth and her mound had a slight puffyness to it, her lips were already glistening.  She was as turned on as I was, and that excited the hell out of me.   “Ready to put on a show and have some fun?” she whispered.  I leaned into her, our lips met, small kisses, sliding our tongues across each others lips.  We were a perfect fit for one another, as our kisses deepened she sucked on my tongue, her hands moved to my hips pushing our bodies together.  Nipple to nipple and cunt to cunt.  Her hands sliding to my bound hands behind my back.  Pulling on them tightening the rope across my inner lips, sliding the wet rope from my pussy hole and across my tight ass pucker.  I groaned as she continued to hold my hands away from my back and the rope tightened inside my pussy lips.  She broke the kiss and stood to the side of me.  This gave him a perfect view, his gaze never left my cunt.  Sarah now held my hands with her left hand.  Her right hand she held back and swung, slapping my pussy hard.  The sting of the slap was exquisite and I moaned at how good the impact and heat of the slap felt.  I could feel my clit swelling, growing, oh my God I wanted more.  Sarah turned to him and asked “How many slaps will you order Master?”.  I watched as he stopped stroking his glistening cock and closed his eyes, he ordered 10 slaps and he listened without opening his eyes to the sound of her hand slapping my wet pussy, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.  My cries after each slap along with my panting and gasping were the only sounds in the room.  His cock stood proud and pulsed on each slap as Sarah counted.  Finally done I was a little wobbly on my feet, Sarah held me and slowly rubbed the red marks on my pussy lips and mons.  “You did so good, what a perfect little slut you are you are.  Do you know how delicious your pussy looks right now.  It’s so wet, engine red and lusciously puffy.  I can hardly wait to get my tongue in you.”  Sarah said.  “ I want to touch you, feel the silkiness of your skin under my tongue.  I want you wet and know that I made you that way.”  I told her.  Sarah smiled and led me to the bed.  Sitting on the edge of the bed I watched him get out of the chair and walk toward me.  Sliding behind me on top of the bed he untied my hands and gently laid me back, removing the rope from between my ass cheeks and my pussy lips. Gently his fingers traced over the red marks left by Sarah’s hand. “Did you like that Babe? It was sexy as fuck listening to her smacking your wet cunt.  I closed my eyes so I could concentrate on the sounds.  I could hear your hole squishing with each slap.  I am so fucking hard right now” he said.  I looked at him he was enjoying this so much, I touched his face and told him I had never felt such a surge of pain and pleasure in all of my life.  I was on fire but in a good way.  He smiled, kissed me, got up from the bed and rolled me over swatting my behind.  Sarah straddled my ass and started massaging my back. I became relaxed which was surprising given the sexual tension in the room.  I still needed to cum badly but my ache had taken on a mellow hum with the heat still vibrating in my pussy.  Sarah was wet, I could feel her damp cunt rubbing against my legs as she continued to massage my back.  Her small hands moved to my ass and as she massaged and relaxed each cheek playfully teasing my tight pucker with her finger tips.  She got up off my legs and I remained on my stomach with my legs hanging over the end of the bed.  My feet were on the floor and she slowly pushed my legs apart and knelt on the floor.  The feel of her tongue as it slid over my asshole that first time was like heaven. The heat seeping deep inside relaxing me, making me push my ass further into the air, into her face.  Her tongue continued to tease flicking back and forth and spearing my hole.  I heard the cap pop on the lube and then felt the cool wetness slide across my rear door.  Her first finger slid in easily, her second finger followed and I loved the feeling of fullness and weight across my inner tissues.  She slid them in and out going deeper, faster and harder each time.  She slid her third finger in and I felt stretched, there was some pain but it was forgotten each time she withdrew her fingers.   I needed to cum but the pressure and fullness in my ass was distracting my pussy and clit.  I was balancing and needed to be sent over the edge but I needed something more.  Sarah removed her fingers and that’s when I felt the soft hair on his legs rubbing against the backs of my thighs.  “Babe I want you to reach behind and pull your ass cheeks apart.  Let me see what is mine.”  I reached behind me and pulled my cheeks apart.  I opened myself to him, I was shaking with need and want.  I had never wanted to please a man as much as I wanted to please him.  His fingers slowly traced the sensitive tissue surrounding my pucker.  I closed my eyes as I felt him move and then ever so gently I felt his breath, a slow warm jet of air tickling and teasing.  I didn’t know how much more I could take.  The anticipation building and the need to have him inside me was unbearable. Sarah climbed onto the bed and lifted my head and kissed me.  I felt his tongue, wet and thick slide across my dark fuck hole as Sarah’s tongue entered my mouth.  My whole body tingled, currents of electricity travelling down my arms and legs across my spine.  I could hear the pulse of my blood thrumming in my ears.  I gave myself up at that moment relaxing every muscle enjoying each caress, each sigh, each flick of both of their tongues.  Sarah slid under me head first.  Her mouth stopping just under my hot wet snatch.  Her cunt was no less wet, and smelt sweet.  So the three of us feasted, he sucking and tonguing my ass, Sarah spearing my pussy with her tongue, and me taking my first taste of perfectly soft juicy pussy.  I opened her lips and stared at the delicate soft pink of her opening.  Her clit was hidden but I could see that small opening and knew I would use my tongue to coax it out.  I very much enjoyed the idea of having a woman, experiencing what it would be like to pleasure her, to taste her.  The image before me was stunning, the delicate skin, her inner lips ruffled, hiding her opening.  I bent and my tongue separated her lips sliding toward her clit. I kissed her, tongueing her opening and could feel her groans deep in my own cunt.  The vibrations were sexy and brought me closer and closer.  I sucked lightly on Sarah’s clit as I felt her button swelling under my tongue.  He sucked my ass making me grind harder into his face.  I couldn’t take it anymore and let go, squirting over Sarah’s face.  She moved as he slid his cock under the endless flow of warm fluid pouring out of me.  He was drenched, he positioned himself at my entrance. Sliding his large, smooth pink head inside my ass.  I stretched around him and tightened with the pain.  His soft words and light touches along my spine relaxed me, and his continued pressure on my sphincter paid off as he slowly slid into me.  I never thought I would feel so full and stretched.  His cock was so thick, it was painful but I knew the pain would pass and it made the pleasure that much better.  It seemed to take forever for him to finally seat himself fully inside me.  I imagined what my ass looked like stretched and filled with his massive meat.  He pulled out slowly, I hated the emptiness I felt as he withdrew to just his tip.  He pushed back inside me and started stroking, finding his rhythm.  Sarah was back in front of me and she kissed me deeply, I tasted myself on her mouth.  She knelt in front of me, she watched him strain as he slammed into my ass over and over again.  “Did you enjoy my pussy.  Licking my juice, making me wet?  I loved your pussy, fucking your hole with my tongue and then all that juice.  Next time I want you to cum like that on my pussy.  You look so hot stretched around his cock.  Your ass in the air getting slammed” she said as she fingered herself.  Slipping her fingers out of her pussy she rubbed them along my lips, I opened sucking them into my mouth. Between her taste and his meat feeling so right, there wasn’t a part of me not completely on fire. The sounds of wet flesh slapping together with our panting and groaning, no words needed, we just simply all enjoyed this moment of pleasure and happiness.  He reached in front of me flicking my clit back and forth.  We were both so close I couldn’t think.  He pushed two fingers inside my cunt and groaned as he felt his own cock sliding in and out of my ass.   Ramming into me a final time He caressed his cock through my vagina, stroking it through the thin tissue separating my openings.  I wanted to be the one to make him cum, so I slid two of my fingers under his and we both slid into my wet fuck hole stretching me.  We stroked his meat together, very sexy and I whispered “oh Baby, you feel so good under my fingers.  I can feel the ridge of your head and your shaft is so hard and smooth. You feel so good fucking my ass.  Do you like my tight dark hole?  That’s it Baby give me what I want, fucking cum. Ohh Fuck!”  Finally I felt him swell and pulse, the heat pouring off of him made me shiver.  I felt him cum so deep inside me.  I begged for him to make me cum, “Please, ahhh please do it, I need it, I need you.  Make me PLEASE!”  I cried begging.  His thumb rubbing my clit hard and fast, our combined fingers gained space to stroke inside me harder and faster as he softened.  I came like a beast flooding our hands with my juice within seconds.  I pulsed and clenched our fingers as my orgasm kept going and going.  I had never experienced anything like that before.  I was shocked and fuzzy in the head, truly exhausted.  Slowly he slid out of me and following his still gorgeous cock came his seed, slowly oozing out of me sliding across my pussy lips, the sensation made me shudder.  I felt the loss of his heat and comfort as he eased off my back, leaving me….. well emotionally empty and hollow.

Sarah was collecting her panties and putting her coat on as I finally found the energy to sit up.  She leaned over and kissed me, thanking me.  She kissed him and quietly left.  I wondered what the next meeting would be like with both of them sitting at the conference table.  If the executive could read minds they would be very horny!

He left the room, I heard water running.  Before long he came back into the room, lifting me off the bed, leading me into the bathroom.  I eased myself into the hot water, leaving room for him behind me.  We relaxed in the warm water and enjoyed simply being alone together.  He talked about work and a project that had been taking up a lot of his time.  I liked listening to him talk, share his day, there was an intimacy in just listening and sharing such mundane discussions.  I talked about a job interview I had scheduled for the following week and he gave me suggestions on questions I could ask.  We laughed about silly stuff and truly enjoyed each other.  I got up first and left him to shower and dry off.

He walked out of the bathroom naked and found me lounging on the bed stroking my red cock.  It was glistening with lube and he watched as my hand slid up and down the 5 inch dildo that was sticking out of my cunt.  It was a feeldoe, so one end of the dildo was inside me and the other was waiting to be pushed into his tight little ass.  I rolled off the bed and became the Domme.  the aggressor he enjoyed.  I told him to touch it, and stroke it.  The pressure of him tightly stroking the dildo caused pressure on my cunt and clit and it felt so good.  I removed his hand and slid behind him.  Sliding my hand around his cock I stroked him as I pushed my red fuck stick in between his thighs.  He was hard and hot and undeniably turned on by the idea of me fucking his prison purse.  I surprised him when he felt the vibe inside the dildo turn on.  The vibrations and soft pulsing caressed his balls as I held the dildo against them, his cock was hard as steele.  I instructed him to lie on the end of the bed on his back, and to pull his legs up.  He was holding his knees spread open waiting for me and I have to say the sight of him made me horny as hell!   I got onto my knees and kissed his hole, a nice wet sucking kiss.  My hand continued to stroke his cock as I feasted on his delectable ass.  Sucking, licking and biting, I couldn’t get enough of him.  I sucked his tight balls into my mouth and they made a popping noise when I finally released them. I saw the precum on his luscious pink head and leaned over licking him clean, savoring his taste.  I couldn’t wait any longer and neither could he.  I opened the lube and rubbed it around and inside his musky hole.  I slid 2 fingers inside him easily and after a few strokes I added a third.  Circling my fingers, loosening him up, getting him ready.  Pulling out I positioned myself and slowly pushed the head of the dildo into his bang hole.  For me the sight and sensation of doing this was truly exquisite.  It’s hard to describe how sexy it was to watch a part of me push into his body.  To watch that dildo disappear and see his skin stretch and pull over it, engulf it, suck it inside him was truly amazing.  To watch the pleasure he felt in being filled with me was even more amazing.  I was fully inside of him, stroking his cock and I slowly pulled out, watching his body release the slick dildo and listening to his sigh as the fullness inside him disappeared.  I came myself simply listening to the sharp exhale of breath he made with a small moan, as I pushed hard into him, completely inside him.  Men make the most sensual noises during sex, sometimes primal and urgent almost a grunt.  Other times like this one, the sounds and sighs are gentle and pleasure filled.  The small moans and groans expressing their true pleasure in what you are doing, more than words can at that moment. I started thrusting with a rhythm that I knew would get him to where he wanted.  My hand still stroking and squeezing his meat.  I had cum once already and was nearing a point where I knew I would cum again.  I held my cock deep inside him and started fucking him with fast, hard, small strokes grinding myself into him.  He took over stroking his cock as I gripped his hips thrusting into him over and over and over.  “Fuck you look so hot right now.  I love to watch you stroke that gorgeous cock of yours. I love to watch you slide your hand up and down your thick smooth shaft.  Just watching you right now get off with me in your ass and your hand on you cock.  That’s it Baby, FUCK, make yourself cum I want to see it.”  I said as I  watched his eyes close and he groaned, his hand stroking so fast I couldn’t focus on it.  Then the first jet, white gold sprayed up, landing on his stomach and pubic hair which surrounded his spasming porn stick.  His cum bubbled over his fingers sliding oh so sensually down, pooling on his stomach.  The sight of a man stroking off and cuming on himself always gets me off.  My favourite part of porn is a good cum shot seconded by the first entry into an ass or a cunt.  To be here with him and watch this was simply too much, I came hard, feeling each muscle tense and twitch but become completely relaxed at the same time.  My pussy was still pulsing as I slowly removed the dildo from his ass and removed my end from my pussy.  I bent and licked his stomach, cleaning the cum off of him.  I lifted his hand and one by one I sucked each finger, cleaning him, taking what was mine.  His soft cock nestled in his dark pubic hair, I tenderly licked and sucked him.  Finally done I simply curled onto the bed next to him with my head on his stomach.  Rubbing my fingers through the soft hair on his belly and groin.  I listened to his breathing even out and I knew that he had fallen asleep.

I laid there thinking about all that had happened over the past few hours.  The sex was fantastic and he truly made me happy.  Over the past 6 months he had filled something missing in me for a long time.  I felt at peace and part of me never wanted us to leave that room.  Another part of me knew that this was all I could ever hope for, a few stolen days every few months.  Given we lived in different countries could we make this work, or would the planning and endless details make this, well, work?  Neither of us wanted to change our family status.  Crossing that line to finally meet and experience what we had just done was a huge step for both of us.  A step that was going to change our relationship if I became the needy other woman.  The one who complained about not getting enough of his time, the one he would someday dread or worse yet fear.  I never wanted to lose the “Good Mornings” or the comfort we felt in telling each other how our day was going or what happened the night before.  Over the past 6 months he had become my best friend, and the thought of losing him was just not something I ever wanted to consider.  He was worth more than great, mind blowing sex to me. The thought of him no longer wanting what we have together would break my heart.  I took advantage of the time I had and enjoyed the closeness of listening to him sleep.  His soft breathing, I watched him sleep for a long time.  Memorizing his face and his body.  I wondered what he dreamed of, knowing him something weird, and the thought made me smile.  I didn’t want to give him up and perhaps another time or place he would have been mine and not hers.  Just as I would have been his and not belong to another.  So I laid there in the dark storing my memories knowing I needed to do what I didn’t want to.

I slowly eased out of bed and collected my things, slipping into the bathroom I dressed.  My skin was still tingling and his scent was on me.  I opened the door and left, no looking back, no note, as if I had never been there.  I cried all the way to the airport, I hate being such a girl sometimes.  Sitting at my gate I thought of going back, childishly wishing he would wake up and find me gone and beg me to return.  He didn’t, and honestly it was for the best.

So what now?  We return to our real lives and keep our true lives a secret, share with each other what we can never share with our spouses?  Would what we have shared ruin what we have?  So I did the only thing I could, acted as if nothing had ever happened.  I would cherish my memories of this night and return to my real life.  Return to the forbidden fruit he was, return to the frustration of not getting what I want.

As I boarded the plane I texted him.  My normal good morning message  “Good Morning Sexy.  Enjoy your ride in. Message me when you get into the office, get situated, and have had your coffee.”  How will we move on?  I’m not sure what our future holds.  Am I sorry that we ever started this, NO.  I have come to love a side of him only I see.  He has given me confidence to go after what I want, be creative, and not be afraid to express the real me.  Would I change us, right now, NO, we are where we need to be for ourselves and our families.  He will always be someone I love and respect, his talent is astounding and I love supporting him as he supports me.  So for now we go back to being us.  True Sexy friends who are there for one another no matter what.

Madame please extend our love to your readers.  We hope they all find the happiness and peace we have found with one another.


Digital Sex Part 19

Her: Hey Sexy, I wanted to share how I spent last night….

I sigh as the hot water flows down my body. Fingers of moist heat relaxing each muscle. The rivers of water flowing over my breasts, caressing my nipples, continuing south I shiver as the heat finds my lips, wetting, saturating, leaving me wanting and pulsing. The air is heavy with steam and I love the heat warming me to my bones. I lather my hands and enjoy how they feel sliding over my body. Slowly down one arm and then the other.  Across my chest, my neck, finally sliding across my breasts. I feel my nipples pebble and tighten as my fingers and thumb automatically close, pinching them. My hands slide lower and my fingers spread across the rise of my mons. It’s bare and smooth, other than the small patch of hair I’m growing for you. I imagine your fingertips tugging on my patch, feeling the softness of my pubic hair. The small pulse of pain causes me pleasure and I want more.  I close my eyes as my soapy fingers slide into my slit. I shudder as my clit strains to feel my fingertips lightly pass over, continuing down to my core. My lips are separated and I push 2 fingers into my hole. My pussy feels so good tightly surrounding and squeezing them. I slide my fingers out and continue washing my body. My hands slowly move down one thigh, across my knee, I bend sliding my hands down my calves,  across my ankle and as my foot rises on my toes I cup my heel.. I repeat lathering and caressing the opposite leg, finally sliding my hands under my cheeks, loving the shape and fullness of my ass. My fingers slide into my crack and across my brown star. Slowly I push 1 soapy finger in, enjoying the tight feel of my sphincter. I massage and slowly spin my finger, feeling myself loosen as I slid another finger inside. I love the tight heavy feeling of fingers in my ass. I remove my fingers and rinse the soap from my body. Again the hot water relaxes and warms me. Before long I turn the water off and dry myself.

I lotion my body slowly rubbing my arms and legs.  My skin is warm, moist and pink from the friction of drying and lotioning my skin. I again slide my fingers across my nipples pinching them they feel so tight and hard. Each pull and pinch causes my pussy to clench. I open the clip and feel the sting as it closes, squeezing, causing my nipple to turn deep red. The pain eases after a few minutes leaving a deep warming burn. I turn my attention to my other nipple and again watch as the clamp fastens and that deep red color appears. The burning is intense as the chain joining the clamps dangles weighing them down.  I’ll need to practice leaving these clamps on but that just means I’ll have to play more.  I watch my nipples pull as I lift the chain. The clamps slide and become disconnected from my nipples. I take a deep breath in and only then do I notice I had only been shallowly breathing, anticipating the pain but enjoying the sensation. Sexy you would have loved the deep red color my nipples turned. I think about how hot your mouth would feel as it closed on one. Sucking making me hard, your teeth scraping over my extra sensitive nub. I get wet thinking about running my fingers through your hair holding you as you drive me crazy. My hand moves from my breast down to where I want you. My 2 middle fingers slide into my slit, it’s still warm from my shower so soft I push my fingers deep inside my hole collecting my juice and sliding back up my slit. I love how slick I am, how good my wetness feels. I can’t resist and lift my fingers to my mouth, slowly I suck each if my fingers, enjoying my flavour. I reach for my new plug and my lube. This ones a bit bigger then my red one but still smaller then your cock. I turn the plug in the palm of my hand lubing and fondling it. I reach behind me spreading more lube across my hole. I slide a finger in easily and stroke it in and out of my ass. I add my second finger and continue to stroke in and out. Your cock would feel so good in my ass Sexy. Gently pushing yourself into me until you’re buried deep. Then and only then pulling out to be pushed a little harder back inside me.  Harder and deeper with each stroke. I’m on my knees and I slowly push the head of my plug into my ass. Slowly I’m working it into my ass, it’s still big for me but it feels wonderful.. Deeper it enters me, ahhhhh it feels so good. It’s almost in, oh my god I’m stretched so tight around the widest part of my plug. It hurts a bit but it feels so hot.  Mmmm it’s in fully and the end is pushed tight against my stretched hole. My left hand reaches forward and I rub my clit, sliding down my slit, I can barely fit 2 fingers inside my cunt with my plug, it’s so tight. My right hand reaches behind and slowly I pull my plug again forcing my ring to stretch over the widest part again. My 2 fingers are still in my wet cunt and it feels amazing Sexy, I can feel the plug moving out making me wider, allowing my fingers to sink deeper inside me.  I push the plug back in faster and my fingers are squeezed inside my cunt. I slide my wet fingers out and rub my clit faster and faster as I push and pull on my plug fucking my ass. Ohhh Sexy I need to cum so bad, my muscles are so tight and tense I can feel it starting and I can hardly breath. Ahhh I’m trying to be quiet but I can’t.  You remember what I sound like, this feels so hot thinking about you doing this to me, bending me over filling my ass with your thick gorgeous cock. Stroking in and out of me while you play with my clit. God just telling you about this, about how hard my nipples are, how hot I feel.  Every nerve ending in my body starting to explode as I get closer and closer to cumming. I’m stroking hard in and out of my ass and my hips are thrusting my clit wants more pressure.  Oh God yes harder and harder I rub Yes Yes it feels so good, I’m panting and cumming. My cunt is so swollen and tight I can’t get my fingers in with the plug still in my ass. I pull the plug out as I push 2 fingers into my fucking cunt hole. I’m so wet and I’m throbbing to the beat of my heart.  I can feel my ass gaping open a little.  Slowly my breathing comes back to normal and I feel so good, relaxed, happy. I would love for you to experience this, make me cum like that.

I have one last dirty thing to do Sexy. I still have my plug in my hand. I lift it to my mouth and I lick it. It’s sweet I can only imagine how good your cock would taste. A mixture of your cum and my ass, I’d love to be licking and sucking your cock clean, tasting you. Soon Baby, we will do all of this soon.  I just want you to think about what you’re missing until we’re together.


Him: OMG Babe. You make me so hard.  I really wish I was there to play with your toys with you. I want to fuck your pussy while I shove that plug in and out if your ass. You would be so full and so tight. When I switched and pushed into your ass it would be so delicious. You get me so hot I don’t know if I could be gentle. I think I’d end up raping your ass hard and exploding deep inside you.  It would be so hot watching my cock slip out of your ass and then cum that would leak out behind it. Just like that short video the other day. God I’d probably have to push right back into your pussy letting my jizz lube my cock as I fucked you. You turn me on so much I’m just going to fuck you over and over again.  


Her: So I get an A+! I love the thoughts of you doing all of those things to me. It gets me hot and all I can do is touch myself.


8:53 AM Him: A+ I want your ass stretched around my dick right now.  That was so sexy. Did you really lick your plug after using it?


8:55 AM Her: Yes, I wanted to know what it would taste like. I know a little gross but if it was your cock would you think it gross? The taste was not bad actually, sweet.


8:59 AM Him: No. It was hot!   An erotic exclamation point at the end. I can’t imagine you sucking me after I fucked your ass. The thought of making you cum by fucking your ass and then pulling out and having you suck me. Mmmm. Then cuming in your mouth. Watching the cum splash onto your tongue and collect in your mouth. Fuck. That would have me hard so fast


9:04 AM Her: That sounds delicious, also I hear my panties dropping as we chat! I sometimes wonder when I am pushing that plug in and out of my ass if you think about me the way I think about you. I want you Sexy like I’ve never wanted anyone. I want to do things like suck your cock after you’ve fucked my ass. I want you to play with my nipple clamps and spank me and God how I want you to fuck me.


9:06 AM Him: Baby you certainly make me want to do all these things with you. If you were closer I don’t think I’d have the strength to be faithful.


9:10 AM Her: I’ve missed you this week.  I don’t like it when our schedules are so busy.  You make me happy and I know if we were closer I wouldn’t be faithful. I’d be fucking or sucking you every time an opportunity arose.


9:11 AM Him: Yes. Our little chats have been disrupted.  Confession. I got out of the shower today and was getting ready. Since I have lost some weight I usually check myself out. It’s cheesy I know but I feel good about the progress. I walked into the bedroom naked and started to get dressed. My wife was up watching TV. I was thinking how I would like to walk over and offer my freshly shaved cock for her to suck. I know she would not go for that and it made me think of you. How if you were there I would totally have shown you my cock and used your mouth.


9:19 AM Her: I would have loved that! Confession I wouldn’t have been watching TV, I would have been on my knees waiting for you to get out of the shower. You wouldn’t have made it back into the bedroom.


9:21 AM Him: I would be late for work a lot.


9:22 AM Her: No you wouldn’t! A BJ doesn’t take that long!! You’d go to work everyday with a smile on your face!


9:26 AM Him: Yes I would. And I would spend all day thinking of what I was going to do to you when I got home. And probably telling you about it. I’d have to restrict you from playing at work.


Her: HaHaHaHa then I’d have to be bad and ignore your messages!! I was thinking yesterday about masterbating as much as I do! I don’t think its a problem but some might! You just set me off and I can’t help myself I need to find release. If I was closer and you were coming home to me the pressure of not cuming would be so exquisite you’d likely make me cum with a kiss. I tried my balls last night! They felt good, large but good. I can imagine how they’d feel inside me while you spank my ass. I get excited thinking about it.


Him: I masterbate a lot. So I don’t think it’s a problem. Just a high sex drive.  Yes I would like to put those balls in you and take you out. Would love to watch you squirming in public. Mmmm spanking and then fucking your ass with those balls in would be nice.


10:02 AM Her: I’m going to put them in here at work some day then all day I’ll send you little notes telling you how it feels.  This is not going to be a good day I can’t concentrate on anything other than your fucking cock.


10:03 AM Him: I know I’m already wet and sticky


10:06 AM Her: That’s making it worse. I’m wet and so horny. I have my legs clenched so tight. I’m afraid to get out of my chair. I would so love to be licking you right now. Just to fucking touch you.arghhhhhhh this is not fair!


Him: I know.  Throbbing


Her: I’m taking a deep breath and picturing your cock with warts all over it, anything I can do to make is less appealing! …… Didn’t work I still want you!


10:33 AM Him: I have meetings now so I’ll give you a break


Her: OK


11:25 AM Her: How are your meetings going?


11:29 AM Him: Done with 2. Now have a 1 on 1 with one of my team members


Her: Good, you’re moving along!


11:32 AM Him: Lately I have had a lot of 30 min Heretings


11:34 AM Her: Most of mine are fast like that as well. I like it though, just long enough to get things done and short enough to keep people from bitching.  So I was reading an article about the different techniques that can be used when giving good head.  It was a really interesting article.

Him: yes it sounds interesting!


11:55 AM Her: It discussed tongue positions while sucking cock,  I prefer keeping my tongue inside my mouth for the most part and curving it gently around the cock enjoying how it smoothly slides across and down my throat and then back up letting me suck as he pulls out just to the tip.


Him: Sounds nice.


12:05 PM Her: Another technique is to harden your tongue pushing your big cock to the roof of my mouth, sticking my tongue out of my mouth. Harder ride across the tongue.


12:07 PM Him: Hmmm. IDK if I could describe tongue positions it all feels so good.


Her: Tongue positions and sucking, licking, hand job all good, My favourite tongue position is curving my tongue almost hugging a cock. I love the way it feels.


Him: Extending your tongue out of your mouth while taking it in??  That looks hot, especially during deep throat. But not sure if you would even feel it. The guy I mean.


12:32 PM Her: Extending your tongue opens your throat a bit bigger so if you gag it helps but it makes the tongue hard so not as smooth a ride for the guy I would think. How is your chest feeling BTW? You’re not any more congested are you?  I have a phone conference so if I go quiet thats why.


Him: Still congested. Took cough medicine last night and today. Better today so far, better than yesterday.  Are you off the call, or is it a bad time to tell you I want to sit on your face and feel your tongue in my ass?


1:22 PM Her: I’m off my call and right now thinking how nice it would be to be on your dick. My Dick. But I’ll take your ass for a bit.


1:24 PM Him: I was thinking about those videos from last night. How I would love to take a video of my cock in your ass. Especially what I said this morning about cumming inside you and pulling out and seeing that sweet creampie. I would love to take video or pics of that so you could see it the way I would.


1:28 PM Her: You’re going to get me all hot and bothered again. Oh who am I kidding you do that with Good Morning or How is your day! I would love to see your cum sliding slowly out of my ass. Would you lick it up and share it with me like they did in the video.


1:30 PM Him: You know it. I may have to taste my own cum soon. Have a little, but I am starting to wonder about really tasting it.


1:35 PM Her: I think about licking your cum off you all the time. I think about it way too much.


Him: You just fucked me because now I am hacking up a lung.  I wish I was cumming on you now. I really do. Very horny now.


1:37 PM Her: I think about how much I want to suck your cock and tongue your ass. I could spend hours slowly making you hard with my mouth and then when you’re ready to cum I’d stop and wait for you to calm down and then start all over again. I want to feel your balls in my mouth, I want to push my tongue as hard as I can into your ass. taste you, I mean really taste you.


1:38 PM Him: mmmmm


1:39 PM Her: I don’t think I would ever get enough of what I want. I want you hard and hot for me whenever and wherever I want. In a bathroom, at a party, in a car, hotel where ever.  The feel of you sliding down my throat and cuming on my tongue makes me weep. Fuck I don’t know how much longer I can simply sit and imagine without truly experiencing this.  I get so wet thinking about you touching me and making me do dirty things to you. I hear you calling me dirty names and making me say I am yours, begging for your cock.  Would you like to hear me beg Sexy? Your little cum slut begging for you to bend me over and ram your cock into me.


1:44 PM Him: I would love that. I am so horny now. I want to pin you to the wall by your throat and shove my hand inside your pants and panties and rub that wet slit. I would call you my whore and tell you what a slut you are for being so wet at work.  Then I would finger you hard and make you beg for my cock.  I’d make you cum just like that. Standing, pinned to the wall, my hand on your throat, my fingers in your cunt and my words in your ear. whispering for you to cum like the little whore you are. For you to beg for my cock.  When you came, I would push you down on your knees and slip my cock out. I am hard and very hrony. I want to slap your face with my cock. Smear my precum all over your face. Then jam it down your throat and throat fuck you hard.  I would hold your head still and pump my hips thrusting my hard cock into your face.  I would use you and then cum all over your face. Wiping it in with my cock when I was done.  You’d like that wouldn’t you my little cum slut?


1:49 PM Her: Yes I would. I want you to cum now. Is your door closed?


Him: No


Her: close your door.  Think about my voice on my recording. I want your fucking wonderful cock

Sexy. I want to stroke it sliding my hands up and down, rubbing your pre cum all over the head of your cock.  I’m pushing my fingers into my cunt and getting them so wet. I’m going to use my juice as lube for your cock in my hand. Its warm and slick can’t you feel it sliding up and down your shaft.. You feel so good to me. I’m so wet watching how hard you are and I want your cum.  I’m going to keep stroking you but I need to taste you. I’m slowly licking the head of your cock pushing my tongue into you piss hole, your head is so smooth and sexy I love the color of it. It begs to be kissed and sucked.


Him: you have me throbbing,


Her: I need to cum myself but I’ll do that after you cum.  You’re not stroking are you?


Him: I can’t right now.  Have a meeting in 5


Her: well that sucks.


Him: I know.  I so want your mouth on me.  


Her: I do really want you right now. mouth tongue cock ass anything.  How long will your meeting be?


Him: Its long. Big IT Mgmt monthly meeting, and I have another right behind.  Fuck I hate when I don’t look at my schedule.


Her: That’s Ok if we keep going one of us is going to cum at their desks and I’m thinking its going to be me.


1:59 PM Him: I was going to say go fuck yourself. I want to think about your hands in your pussy and know your are cumming when I am in this meeting.  Look at pic I just DM’d you.


Her: I am just waiting for lunch hours to be done in about 5 minutes and I will be going to work off some of this frustration. Won’t be as leisurely as last night but I will at least be a little more comfortable. So yes while you’re in your meeting I will be sliding my fingers into my wet cunt and making myself cum.


2:02 PM Him: Mmmm


2:03 PM Her: you are going to fucking kill me.


2:04 PM Him: So hot.


2:06 PM Her: see ya have a good meeting, in about 2 minutes my fingers will be buried in my wet hot cunt.


Him: fuck you!  Enjoy babe!


2:10 PM Him: Aaaaaand they just moved that meeting back 20 min.


2:20 PM Her: You can catch up on something more pressing I’m sure.  Have you checked your e mail lately?


2:24 PM Him: You are such a sexy bitch.  Fuck really hating you now, but its in a “I want to suck your fingers clean while I deep fuck your pussy” kind of way.  I love listening to you cum.  I can hardly wait to hear you do it in person.


2:27 PM Her: I am getting way too comfortable sending you things!


2:28 PM Him: I like it. Okay I have to go now. Keep my pussy warm and wet.


Her: Always!  Wonder how many managers around that table have just listened to a horny sexy woman cum?  BTW I just booked my flight.  How many times will you make me cum next week?  Rest up Sexy! I’m insatiable!


Digital Sex Part 18


Her: Mmmm Good Morning Again Sexy! I’m saying this as my tongue slides across your nipple and down your stomach, along your hips and finally kisses the very tip of that luscious meat good morning.  I have decided to go with the slutty librarian fantasy for our first venture into public sex. I think we will have sex in the Public Library. You’re a fantastic writer and while the internet is good for research nothing is better than the feel of a good book under your fingertips. Well almost nothing.


So you enter the library and you are searching for a book on post apocalyptic writing. You can’t find what you’re looking for so you ask the librarian for help. I’m wearing my hair pinned up in the back with a pencil and my glasses are on the end of my nose. I am sitting behind the desk and as you explain what you are looking for I raise my head and am surprised to see such a handsome sexy man. My eyes continue to travel up your body noting the package you’re carrying in those jeans.  I love how they are sitting seductively on your hips, your meat outlined to perfection.  My eyes continue scanning your flat tight stomach and broad chest. Then up to your face. Those lips were made for licking and kissing pussy I think. I smile at you after I have visually raped your sexy body and offer my assistance. I take you to the back of the library in a section that is normally not very busy. If I’m doing this right you are following behind me, watching my ass and hips sway in my tight black pencil skirt. The skirt is tight and molds my hard muscular legs that are crying out to frame your face. I stop at the end of one of the rows and tell you the book is on the highest shelf, I push the ladder over and start to climb. I get high enough for you to see up my skirt.  I stretch out to reach for a book separating my legs lifting one off the wrung, giving you a full view of my bare pussy. I am such a naughty little librarian. I’m not wearing any panties today. My folds are dewy and you can’t take your eyes off the silky flesh of my thighs and my tight ass cheeks. I can feel the heat of your stare and know you are looking right where I want you to. I start to move down the ladder and bend to pass you down the book I have retrieved. The book has nothing to do with what you’re looking for by the way. As I bend over to give you the book the top 2 buttons on my dress shirt pop open and my breasts in the tight little white lace bra are right in front of your face. I know you are dying to reach out and caress the soft white mounds sitting atop the lace of the my bra which barely covers my now hard erect nipples. “Touch me” I ask softly and you don’t need to be asked twice.  You grab me off the ladder and push my back against the books. One hand at my throat and the other running softly across the tops of my breasts.  Your thumb slowly finds my nipple and you pop my breast out of the top of my bra. I can’t hold back my moan as your head comes forward and sucks my nipple hard. The pain of your mouth suckign hard and your hand squeezing my neck if very erotic and I love a man that takes charge. I let you have your way because I know it will be good. Your mouth moved to my other breast making sure that nipples gets the same attention. You lift your head and tell me to lift my skirt and touch myself. I do as I am told. I shimmy the skirt up over my ass and it is bunched up at my waist baring me. Anyone coming around the corner would see my wet fucking twat and ass along with my fingers buried in my fuck hole. You return to feast on my breasts and I could care less if the whole library came and watched what we’re going to do.

My fingers are drenched with my pussy juice and as I slide them from my hole to my slit you can hear the squishy sounds my pussy makes. You can smell sex on me. I am about to cum and you tell me to stop and lift my hand to your mouth. You slowly suck each finger in that fucking delicious hot mouth. You are killing me with the tight pull on each of my fingers with your mouth, how your tongue dances across my finger tips. Making me wish you were doing that to my clit. As if you read my mind you sink to your knees and kiss my bare pussy just at the top of my slit.  I can’t hold back and I groan loudly and push my hips forward wanting more of that tongue and mouth. You don’t disappoint as you separate my lips and lick with your wet thick tongue from my hole to my clit stopping to suck gently asking my clit to come out to play. You move on to my inner lips and nibble along them until you are at my hole again. My hands are in your hair pushing your face hard into me. My thighs aching to be wrapped around your head. I am so close I can’t help but shake. Your tongue snakes out and enters my hole filling me with your warmth and hot breath and I shatter coming on your handsome face. You suck and lap all that I give you leaving me shaking and barely able to stand. You continue to hold me against the books and rise as my tremors finally stop and kiss me light feathery kisses along my mouth and cheeks. I can just barely taste myself on you until you seize my mouth and share my cum that still flavors your tongue. I love the taste of me on you. You break the kiss and turn me around.  You run your hands along my ass cheeks and whisper in my ear how you have fucked my pussy with your tongue now you’re going to fuck my ass with your thick cock. I hear you unzip your pants and can feel the heat of your cock even before you slide in between my pussy lips wetting and lubing him so you can slide it into my hot tight hole. I try to reach behind me and you won’t allow me to touch you. You hold my hands above my head with one hand and then position your cock between my ass cheeks and push home finding my ass tight as you slowly move forward, waiting for me to relax, allowing you to push home. Your hand reaches forward and you push 3 fingers into my wet cunt, my ass pops open and you slide into my dark hot ass sliding along my silky tissues. My god the burn I feel with you pushing yourself deep into my ass is exquisite. I can’t breath and if I die right now I will die happy. To be this full with your cock would be amazing BTW. Fully seated in my ass and 3 fingers in my pussy I am stuffed. and feel wonderful. You whisper in my ear to keep my hands above my head and I am not to move them. One hand on my pussy and the other at my throat you hold me as you start pounding my ass moving your cock in and out of me hard. I don’t like gentle and you don’t disappoint. The sounds your fingers are making as my cunt sucks on them is sloppy and I can feel the wetness running down my thighs. I can imagine the view from behind as my ass stretches around your thick cock and pulls every time you pull out of me, sliding out almost to your pink tip, then pounding back into me. It’s all too much for both of us and you bury yourself hard as you push me painfully against the books.  Holding me with your weight I can feel you swelling and burst in my ass as I cum over you fingers. My God I am shaking and my pussy is vibrating so hard I can’t ever recall cuming so hard before. It feels so good the heat washing over me and every limb in my body is just dead weight.  I feel you start to pull out and you spin me around, pushing me down on my knees in front of you. I gladly lick your now soft cock and clean you fully before putting you back in your pants and zipping you up.  I stand and push my skirt back down and can feel you oozing out of me. I will feel you there for the rest of the day slowly making yourself known and remembered. You take the book off the shelf and slowly turn and leave.


8:49 AM Her:  So Sexy I know a little cheesy but I think fucking in a library would be delicious and will have to keep this one in mind!  Hope the ride in is going good! xoxo


Him: I am sitting on the bus nonchalantly squeezing my extremely hard cock. Thank God no one is in the seat next to me!  That was hot. The image of your hands stretched over your head with my cock buried in your ass and fingers in your pussy is just so hot.


Her: mmm I do love squeezing meat almost as much as I love stroking it.  The image and feel of you sucking my pussy juice from each of my fingers is so sexy I want to cum right now thinking about it. Your tongue wrapped around each finger teasing me sucking hard.  Fuck that would be nice.  Would you ever fuck in a library like that?   Just not care who saw you?


8:54 AM Him: I would love to be in that situation where you had to have that person.  No matter what


8:55 AM Her: Just to need to be fucked or to fuck someone that bad would be sexy as hell.  So how was your night Sexy!!  What’s your day looking like?


Him: Quiet night.  Had to go grocery shopping actually.  Then caught up on TV and bed.


8:59 AM Her: Sounds good!  What’s your favourite TV show?


Him: Fairly busy.  Looks like I will be in traffic for the next hour.  My afternoon is a brick, but my morning is better.


9:01 AM Her: Traffic sucks but at least you have phone, play games or tweet, tease me!


9:02 AM Him: At the moment has to be Walking dead.  I have also been watching this show called Continuum on the Sci Fi channel.  It’s a bit cheesy but it’s another example of using sci Fi to tell decent character driven stories.  


9:14 AM Her:  No it is not a genre that I normally have an interest in but I did enjoy The Road so I think you should recommend another book for me to try so I can develop an interest perhaps.


Him: It would be fun if you were on this bus.  Still wearing that skirt?  I’d like to slide my hand up your thighs.  Nylons?  Very nice.  I love the feel of them over your thighs.  A little higher my hand drifts.  Thigh highs?  How nice I think as my finger casually trace over by our upper thigh.  The vibrations of the bus is doing things to you as my fingers glide over your inner thigh.  You look around but no one seems to notice


Her: This isn’t nice teasing at all Mr.  Move those fingers and give me what I want!


9:22 AM Him: Panties?  Nice I like the the way the lace feels over your damp pussy.  My middle finger pushed down your slit over the fabric as you shift a bit. You pull your coat over your lap as my fingers explore and probe. You peek out again and no one seems to notice. Just then I find the edge of your panties and slide them aside, slipping my hand inside. The warm flesh of my hand feels incredible on your smooth wet pussy. I palm your mound and my finger curls back and forth through your moist lips. Probing I find your very wet core and dip my finger in wetting it. I then spread your wetness over by our outer lips and enjoy the sexy slick, soft folds of your pussy.  You are biting your lip and have your eyes closed now. You no longer care if anyone sees. I trace out your clit and stroke it slowly, rolling it under my finger. Then I move my hand down and push my fingers inside you as deep as I can. Your are so warm and silky inside. As I twirl my finger around in a circle I massage the palm of that same hand on your clit. I add a second finger inside you and continues to push the heel of that same hand down on your clit.

I fuck you this way. My fingers push in and out of you. It’s like they are rubbing against my palm except that your G spot and clit are actually between my finger and palm so they are both getting a lot of delicious pressure. The rumble and vibration of the bus continues to add to it all and you feel the explosion building. I push in deep and at the same time rub my palm in fast circles on your clit. You cum, flooding my hand and your panties and biting your lip to keep quiet. You have grabbed my wrist in a vice like grip and hold my hand in place as your lower body clenches around it.  As you start to drift back to earth you notice the bus is no longer moving and my hand is gone. You open your eyes and see me several rows ahead stepping down the stairs to exit the bus. Our eyes meet and I lift my glistening fingers to my lips and blow you a kiss.  Cuming in public could be fun. But I think the restraint needed would only make us want a good hard, loud, animalistic fuck session right after!


9:36 AM Her: I would ride the bus every morning if I could ride like that! now I’m horny and I agree the excitement of getting caught is certainly appealing but I would want to fuck not hide that I am fucking. A good hard loud fuck I think is just what we need! To be sure I think we should do it over and over again until we’re sure.  My God I wish you had me pinned up against a wall right now pounding into me.


Him:  LOL.  I think after something like the bus I would want you against the wall, back to me. I’d slam into that pussy and take a good hold of your hair and pull your head back hard. I’d want to feel the big head of my cock slipping just out of you and then pounding back in. I’d want to hear my hips slamming into your ass and you grunting with each thrust.  I think that is why people get into the public thing. They probably fuck like nuts as soon as they are alone.  So would you ever flash someone? Give them a nice view up by our skirt across the room?


Her: What makes you think I haven’t already done that? I did flash my ass walking across a street one day! I was young maybe 17 and traffic was backed up and I was crossing the street and some guys were yelling and I lifted my skirt and flashed my ass. I was going to work and had on my uniform!! Real sexy stuff. Would I flash someone across a room likely. however would depend on who and the circumstances. if you were across the room hell yes I’d flash you, Maybe a cocktail party for your work no one would know who I was but you.  I would sit and slide my skirt up pretending to check my garter and then slowly open my legs letting you get a glimpse of what you want.


9:49 AM Him: I’d take you in the nearest closet or bathroom after that and take what I want.


9:50 AM Her: The idea of getting you hard at work or in a situation like that is very sexy. I think a woman pictures a man as having full control over his body especially at work. If she can get you to let that control slip its a very powerful feeling. Now fuckign you in a closet at a function like that would be so hot. I’ve never fucked in a public bathroom. have you?


9:51 AM Him: What kind of uniform did you have to wear to work at 17?  No. I fucked a girl in college in my dorm room while about 8 people were crashed on the floor in the same room. I think they were all sleeping.  That’s the most public I have been.  That was a good time because we were fuck buddies but had both said we didn’t want to do that anymore. So we teased each other for hours in bed trying to get the other one to give in.


9:54 AM Her: I’ve been working full time since I was 16, school and then 6 hour shift an hour bus ride from home at a grocery store. I wore a wrap around brown and orange dress as the uniform God it was ugly. My mother was, and is not, a very financially responsible person so I worked to help keep a roof over our heads. Made high school tough but thats life. I have always said that I never wanted my kids to have to do that and so far I have succeeded!


9:55 AM Him: Good for you.  Finally in the city. Getting off bus in 2 min


Her:   Have safe rest of the trip in Babe.


10:15 AM Her: Hey Baby How you doing? I said that with a wink by the way!


Him: LOL.


10:28 AM Her: I haven’t sent you anything dirty and I will be a good girl and not objectify that sexy ass of yours and get you hard.  I promise!


10:29 AM Him: A good girl would have her mouth full by now….


10:32 AM Her: I would love to have my mouth full of your ass and cock like the DM’s I sent you last night!. I can feel you sliding down my tongue and into my throat. I can also feel that little tight pucker under my tongue as I slurp across your ass and push my tongue in. Is that what you meant?


10:33 AM Him: Yes. That’s pretty much it.


Her: You’re not making it easy to be good today Sexy!


Him: For some reason it struck me while walking that I never asked you what your favorite TV show was. So what is it?


10:34 AM Her: MMM nothing like the taste of cock and cum in the morning! Really you thought of me and what came to mind was wondering what my favorite TV show is?  I must be slipping!  My favourite TV show would have to be CSI, anything cop or law related.


Him: That’s not all I thought. It starts to amaze me the similarity between you and my wife. She loves crime shows but more documentaries. She wants to see the real life stuff.  What does rest of your day look like?


10:50 AM Her: I like those as well the first 48 hours is really good. I grew up wanting to be a lawyer. However life had different plans for me. I think that’s why I love my job so much. I get to work the sidelines of legal work at least civil law and not have to put in the hours they do. My day is good, no meetings planned yet. I did get approval for the changes I want to make in my staffs objectives.  Also I was advised they have taken my training model and job specifics for the entry level clerk positions and are rolling them into jobs in the West.  Again great job to me but no $$. Who knows someday they’ll shock me with a promotion that has $$  Oh the VP also told me I looked pretty today. How fucking sexist!


10:57 AM Him: First 48 is one of her favorites. LOL, and what are you wearing today?


Her: Sorry Baby dragged away!.  As for what I am wearing a new dress and cardigan. Nothing special just poka dots.  I refuse to let him bother my day.. so what else were you thinking about when I entered your mind this morning?


11:23 AM Him: And the panties?  My thoughts weren’t extravagant by our standards. Lot of deep throat and face fucking. Seems to have been a thing on twitter last night.


11:25 AM Her: Well a girl has to feel pretty under her clothes. White lace and cotton. I seem to have developed a fondness for them.


11:27 AM Him: I can understand why. Something clean and sexy. Thong?


11:31 AM Her: No thong today just plain little briefs with a little lace along the edge. I so would love you to pull them off with your teeth. I’m growing a little patch of hair on the top of my pussy slit. Something for you to grab and pull, making me moan and want you even more than I do right now.


Him: I like that. I’d love to see how that is coming in. Just lift those white panties and let me see down there. Okay, no I am getting hard. Jeez!


12:08 PM Her: mmm its just a little stubble right now, something that would feel a little rough on your tongue. Let it grow in a bit and I can send you some new pictures. You can think of how good it would feel to pull hard on my pussy while you’re licking up my slit and sucking on my clit. I like you hard by the way.


12:11 PM Him: I love the feel of pubic hair. Shaved is great too, but sometimes just running your fingers over a silky little patch is very sexual. Pulling on it. Then it looks so hot covered in cum.


12:15 PM Her: I knew you would like it. I know what your cum looks like on your public hair and would love to see it on my little patch of hair. Feeling the heat of your tongue as you lick it off of me and then share it with me in a long deep kiss. That’s what I think about when I think of you. Making you happy, taking care of you, granting your desires.


Him: Well you certainly excite me and get me thinking about sexy things.  Back to you and your sexy little patch.


12:31 PM Her:  What more can I tell you about my little patch? It feels good under my fingers the hair is silky and feels soft. I can imagine you touching it and licking it making me grind into your mouth and cry out when I cum. I think you could make me cum very hard and very fast with that delicious mouth of yours. Your lips kissing my pussy and licking my thighs. Your teeth nibbling on my inner lips causing me that little bit of pain I like to make the pleasure ohh soo good. I’d love to be sitting on your face right now feeling your tongue buried inside of me.


12:32 PM Him:  I would love to lay you down and spread your legs. look you in the eye as I ran my hand over your stomach and then down over your mound, running my fingers over that stubble. I think a woman’s pubic mound is one of the sexiest parts of her body I love pics where you can really see how it raises up. I enjoy that part of you and then slide my hand down further. Mmmm you are wet. I run my fingers through your lips. I love the way the move under fingers as I rub you and spread your wetness.  I get down in between your legs and push them wider. I rub my hand in small circles over your pussy and then slide my fingers inside your inner lips. Spreading my fingers I open you up. It’s so beautiful to see a pussy open like this. I hope one day you do. Feeling it’s warm wetness as you open it up and seeing that pink glistening flesh and the little hood and button of her clit. That moment right before you taste it is exquisite. I want that for you one day.  I think of that for only a moment and then I slip tongue inside those folds. I lick your inner pussy from your hole to your clit.  You taste so wonderful. I likc up over your clit and kiss your little patch. I run my tongue over it and then drag my teeth across it. nipping just a bit. I kiss and lick around the top of your slit rubbing my nose against you as my fingers continue to explore your pussy and open you up.  Then I am back down and my tongue moves into you, working all over those sweet lips and dipping down into your hole. I want to explore all of you at first. I suck at your sweet pussy lips, pulling them into my mouth and tugging at them. I drive my tongue into you as deep as I can, tasting that purest flavor of your cunt. I kiss and nip at that point where your legs meet your sweet pussy and work my way back up to your clit.  I lick it fast and swirl it around under my tongue. Then I suck it into my mouth and nip at it dragging my teeth over it. Just a bit and then I Suck hard on it and flick my tongue over it inside my mouth. I slide 2 fingers into you palm up and massage your inner walls as I feast on your clit.  Do you think you would cum from that?


12:48 PM Her: In a flash Baby! Booking my flight as we speak!


12:51 PM Him: I would love to eat you until you came several times. I would back off for a moment and then dive back in. I would suck your pussy until you begged. Until you pulled me off of you. I think that would be fun. Holding you down while you squirmed and tongue fucking you all the while.  I think you have said, but do you have multi orgasms? Like 1 right on top of another?


12:57 PM Her: Yes I have and I have no doubt that you would make me cum multiple times like that. I think with you doing this it would be one long orgasm. Those are exhausting but oh how they feel. The pressure and pain not being able to catch your breath, the sweet tingling feeling that just erases all your cares and worries from your mind. it just goes on and on until finally your cum hard. Thats when I bite. You just get so caught up in the almost animalistic lust I guess if that makes sense. You just want to mark him as your own. It is very intense and has not happened often but oh how I know it would with you.


1:00 PM Him: I appreciate your confidence in my abilities! But would so love right now to just make you cum over and over again. I’d have to let you recover before moving on, but I can wait. It would be so sexy to just exhaust you like that.


Her: That would be torturous and so delicious. I can imagine spending hours with you like this. The way you talk about opening me up and looking at me licking me is such a turn on. I am so horny for you right now it hurts. I am pulsing and craving what you could do to me.  I think I am destined to a life where I want you desperately. When I think of you and the things you have told me you want to do to me I get hot and wet instantly.


1:12 PM Him:  I love having that effect on you.  I think you can tell I love eating pussy. Its so incredibly sensual. Knowing the effect it has on her, and how at the core of her sex that you are. And there is something so full of trust and sharing by using your mouth on her. You say it all the time about trusting the one you are with and how that makes things like rimming and ass to mouth okay. Its very true. Oral sex is more intimate than actual fucking I think.


Her: I fully agree. A woman feels the same way about performing oral on her man, or they should. it is a very personal and intimate experience. I do love the feeling of trust a man puts in you when you take him into your mouth. I love to watch the pleasure as it transforms a mans face and body as he relaxes and enjoys the experience. It is very powerful to see the effect you have on him. I don’t necessarily think penetration is needed each time you have sex. the act of penetration is simply to get off. The act of loving someone with your finger tips and mouth, rubbing your nipples down his back, licking his neck, and yes rimming his ass is the best part of sex and much more arousing and intimate than simply sticking it in and cuming. Now thats not to say that I don’t appreciate a fast hard fuck with little foreplay involved, but if it was you and I and we could take out time and close the real world off I would love to simply love all of you slowly and completely.


1:28 PM Him: So I know you have rimmed a guy before. Obviously before your husband. I am curious how did that come about? Did he ask for it or did you go there? it seems to have made an impression on you since you talk about it a lot. I love that you do because I would love to experience that.


Her: Rimming I guess is something that most people don’t talk about, certainly not the people I know. Some may have tried it but I think a lot think too hard about what they are placing their mouth on. I was not asked to do it I just did it and he really enjoyed it. I guess it goes back to me being the sort of person that wants to please. if I know that you enjoy something or would enjoy something specific then I will always do what I can to make that happen for people I care about. At that time in my life I think home and school work everything was a shit storm and this was a way of finding some peace and happiness. Not a great reason to have sex at such a young age, but we can’t go back and change things so you learn from your errors in judgement and move on. I know this sounds odd but you know when you get out of bed in the morning and get into a nice warm shower. Those first few beads of warm water flow down your back and into the crack of your ass and over your hole. How good that feels?  Well a tongue is 1000x better.  It just feels like the person doing that cares enough about you to really really want to bring you pleasure and that makes it so worth it. Does that make sense?


1:43 PM Him: it does and makes me want that 1000x more.


1:45 PM Her: The pleasure of doing that and having it done has stayed with me for years. Now looking at the pictures we see on twitter, it makes me want it 1000 x more as well.


1:51 PM Him:  I do think it is very sexy that you rimmed someone.  Especially because you wanted to do it.  And I agree. I love doing it.


Her: You make me smile. You noted similarities between your wife and myself but you could not be further from my husband. He doesn’t think its sexy at all.  He is not at all adventurous in the bedroom and to be honest it is very stressful at home right now.  I’m sorry to unload on you.


2:14 PM Him: No, I like when you talk about your issues. Its a part of our relationship.  I have said it before, we would be having a lot of fun. We would explore so much together. I would want to watch you lick a pussy for the first time, all of that.  


Her:  Your wife is very lucky that she has you and that you want to try and make things work, make her happy.


2:43 PM Him: Don’t ever worry about talking about this. I am here to listen as well as soak your panties.  I am a full service operation!  You should be fulfilled. I don’t just mean my cock in your throat, pussy and ass either (but I would love that!)


Her: I thank you for listening to my craziness.


Him 3:03 PM  I think sometimes I would like to be working to have all of that with you. You may be right. It may be worth exploring, but the danger there is having those needs fulfilled and then falling for that person.  Maybe another woman would be good. Or is that my fantasy speaking. LOL.  


Her:   Would I consider another woman, not for an ongoing fling, a one nighter maybe but ongoing no. Your fantasy would involve you being involved in action with those 2 ladies! Honestly right now I am not interested in thinking about anyone as a life mate, If I was free of guilt and conflicting emotions I will be honest I simply want someone to experience good sex with a couple hours a week. Experiment, be young, have fun. Nothing more than that.  


3:18 PM Him: Sounds like you know what you want, and that’s good.  Got a fast meeting now


3:20 PM Her: ok


3:21 PM Him: Then we need to get back to sexy


Her: you got it keep my meat warm if you’re going out.


3:25 PM Him: It’s pretty warm here. Meat Is nice and toasty.  


Her: Those DM’s are making me very horny!  Do you realize that we have been messaging each other for a little over 5 months!


4:04 PM Him: wow. No I did not realize that.


4:06 PM Her: We DM’d until you got me on this chat!!


4:07 PM Him: I know. I remember our first DM’s. We were fucking with each other over tweets all day and then you suggested DM.


4:09 PM Her: Yes!! I think one of the DM’s you sent me was after a party. You said you were drunk and wanted to know if I wanted to fuck! I knew you were a keeper then!! Such a gentleman!


4:10 PM Him: LOL. I was sooo bad at that party. Could have probably gotten into a lot of trouble with a few ladies that night!  Speaking of trouble I just found out that I have to be in Boston in a month or so.  Can we talk about meeting there? I mean I think we should really consider it.  Will you think about it.


4:15 PM Her:  Yes I will think about it.  Its a big step but I’m willing to take it with you if you are.


Him:  OK, so we have some planning to do.  Have a safe ride home Babe.

Digital Sex Part 17


7:53 AM Her: Good Morning Sexy! I know you’re off line but just wanted to let you know your ass is mine today. It has pretty much been 4 days and I missed you! So today will be your homecoming to me. You don’t even make it through the door when I am on you. Taking your bag helping you off with your coat. Handing you a drink. We’re still in the entry way and I’m going to suck you off. I undo your belt and pants and you’re already hard. I push your back against the door and remove that gorgeous cock. One hot slow lick across the head of your cock and I taste your pre cum. I sink my warm wet mouth down your shaft and push you fully into my throat, my nose is pressed against your stomach and I love the ways your soft hair feels on my face. I close my eyes and absorb your scent, feel your strength pulsing in my throat. When I can take no more I slide back up to the head of your fuckstick and suck. I suck and kiss down your shaft until I reach your smooth balls. I spend some time licking and sucking each of them. I push my face underneath your balls and my tongue seeks out your ass. God how I love that ass. I want to suck it and lick it and devour it. Thinking about it gets me wet. My hands separate your cheeks and while the angle is not the best my tongue finds your hot hole and I savor the sweet taste and feel of your pucker under my lips and tongue. I push my tongue into you as far as I can and my fingers follow. You talking about the vibrating plug was so hot and using it while I was chatting with you was so sexy and I so wanted to be there with you. I push 2 fingers into your ass as my tongue sadly moves back to your balls and back up your cock. I take you fully down my throat and let your hands come up to my hair. As I fuck your ass now with 3 fingers you grab fistfulls of my hair on ach side of my head and ram your cock even further down my throat. Using my hair you pull me off and onto your cock roughly and deeply.  You know how I like it and how much I need this. You need it too. My lips are slamming into your belly as your cock seems to grow larger in my throat. I can’t help but moan around your cock. God how good this feels As you slide your cock out of my mouth I gasp for breath only to have it forced back out with the slam of your cock into my mouth and throat. Over and over and over again. My hand is still in your ass and I match your rhythm as my other hands slides into my panties and slides down my wet slit. My pussy juice is all over my thighs I am so fuckign wet and hot for you right now. I want your cum but I don’t want this to stop. Your grip tightens on my hair and your thrusting is slowing but you keep your cock deep in my throat and your forceful thrusts are shallow and I know you’re going to cum. My hand in my panties is moving along my clit so fast I am almost there. The lack of air and the fullness of your cock in my throat is making me light headed. Almost there, I feel you swell and your cum hits the back of my throat and I can feel it sliding down as I try my hardest to swallow.You slowly ease out of my mouth a small amounts and allow the rest of your jizz to flow onto my tongue so I can taste you and feel you as you soften. My breathing is hard as I start to cum myself. I can feel my cunt flowing for you. This is what you do to me, make me want you. Make me want your cum in me. You slide fully out of my mouth now soft and I swallow what you have gifted me and then lick you clean. You help me off my knees and we start up the stairs to finish off your welcome home.  I hope your homecoming was something like that well after the kids went to bed. I have missed you these last few days.  Let me know what your day looks like baby. xoxo

8:34 AM Him: Well good morning! That was certainly nice! Yes I am all out of sorts. Feels like it’s been a week since I was at work. I guess because it has been. My day is going to be busy catching up on things. How was your weekend and what is your day like?

8:43 AM Her: Just work. I have some reports to catch up on. I always have reports to catch up on. I did get a lot accomplished last week which was good.  As for my weekend was good but busy. Went to the gym had brunch yesterday with a friend.

8:53 AM Him:  Have I told you how much you get me worked up all the time.

9:08 AM Her: I like you hard. It makes me feel sexy and hot when I can make you hard and get you worked up. You do much worse to me I fear!

9:10 AM Him: So my plan is to focus on my work for the next few weeks.

9:12 AM Her: Good for you. Does that mean I can’t make you hard and hot and bothered?

9:15 AM Him: No. I don’t plan on changing our chats.

9:25 AM Her:. Just message me when you get settled at the office. I was looking at some BDSM porn on the weekend, God it was fucking sexy.  Glad you’re back baby. xoxo  

9:45 AM Him: Lol.  How hard core are we talking? The sex and submission site?  Would you ever experiment in that?

9:51 AM Her: The whole experience? Complete Domination / submission?  I like aspects of it, I watched that website. The throat fucking was good but I would not be into the humiliation sort of thing.

9:54 AM Him: I would not humiliate you.

9:58 AM Her: I can understand a night of being told what and how to do something. Some of the pain, spanking nipple clamps even some rope, leash and collar but I can’t see wanting to be humiliated and that stuff.  Have you ever thought about being a true Dom for a night? what is the one thing you would want to make a woman do?

10:12 AM Him: I don’t know that I could go full on Dom. I would like to be able to “take” sex from my partner when I want it. So that aspect of it, yes. Like being able to tell her to be waiting on her knees in the bedroom at the end of the night.  But I would not want to hurt someone too bad or humiliate them. I mean, talking dirty, spanking etc. Tie them up, play with a crop of Flogger  But I don’t know about full on.  

Her: BTW did you like any of the DM’s I sent you?

Him: The asslicking? Of Course

10:23 AM Her: I thought you would like that one.

10:27 AM Him: I did.

10:28 AM Her: So do you have a lot of work to get caught up on from being away last week? What was the talk from your boss about more responsibility and maybe a promotion. That would be very exciting for you.

10:29 AM Him: yes. I am trying to get squared away. My Boss is in town on Wed and Thursday.  Yes My boss was talking the possibility of adding several teams under my control. I am going to tell him that if it goes this way I want title and money. My last “Promotion” had no $$$, but it was a position I created and campaigned for so I kind of understood that.  This time they are coming to me. I know title would be part of it as some of the teams are led by Directors. So They wouldn’t make 1 Dir report to another Dir. But I don’t want to hear the whole “We will take care of you at year end” crap

10:37 AM Her: My last promotion came without a raise for me as well. I was hoping that at year end that would change. Now with my manager gone and a new one taking her place sometime in the near future kind of in limbo. However if we are doing the work without the pay then they’re not going to rush to pay us more. You on the other hand are needed so I hope they do good by you and are serious about promoting you with all of the $$ that go with it.

10:39 AM Him: That sucks. They do that around here as well.

10:41 AM This is what I do. They find an area that needs some change and reorganization and they plug me in. I re build it and then they move me on. So its good to be needed, but sucks that i don’t often get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  

10:44 AM Her: But it is enjoyable to constantly have a new challenge. I thrive on projects, tackling a goal and meeting end or stretch targets. The mundane day to day crap is what I hate. I was told my by Supervisor that I take on too much and I have to stop volunteering. I laughed I never volunteer I am voluntold most of the time by her manager.  

Him: Yes I do enjoy the challenge of new projects.  

11:02 AM Her: So have I told you today how much I want your cock?

11:03 AM Him: Several times.

11:04 AM So here’s a thought. What would you think if your husband said he wanted to watch someone else fuck you.

11:05 AM Her: I would think it very exciting.  Would he get to pick out who fucked me?  Or how he fucked me?

11:08 AM Him: Well I was thinking it would be your choice. You pick the guy and bring him home.  You do what you want and he watches.   Would you like it if your husband picked the guy and how you would fuck? Or would you prefer to do what you want with someone of your choosing while he watched?  

11:13 AM Her: I personally would enjoy picking the guy and doing what I want and making him watch. Is this fantasy a punishment of sorts for my husband. or is he just into watching me get fucked and gets off on that. If it’s a situation where my hubby chose the man and what he did with his wife then is it not simply him taking on a Dom role making me submit to another man. Would that still be a cuckold situation?

11:14 AM Him: Good point. No I am thinking its your husband who likes to watch. Maybe be humiliated a bit. I’m thinking a lot of dirty talking. Some directed at your hubby.

11:19 AM Her: I think that would be very hot. Yes a lot of dirty talk and making sure he is watching closely. “Ahh see his cock fucking my ass, watch it as he strokes me.  He makes me so wet. You don’t fuck me right watch and learn. Watch him NOW” sort of thing. Or too bitchy!!

Him: No I think that would be it. Lots of look how big his cock is!  Then making your Hubby eat my cum out of your pussy or ass.  Maybe Hubby has to clean me off as well. Or get me ready to fuck your ass.  Would you like watching your hubby suck my cock to get it hard and wet to fuck your ass?

11:24 AM Her: It wouldn’t bother me in the least. I like guy on guy action and find it quite stimulating. I think it would be great and very kinky, but Hubby would never in a million years go for anything remotely like this.  It would be very exciting however!

11:45 AM Him:  That would be hot to be a part of.  Just going into a meeting will message when I’m out.

1:19 PM Her: It doesn’t pay to leave your desk!! They found me and yanked me into a meeting! Sorry Baby!

Him: LOL Thats why I hide!

Her: That sounds wonderful!! Great idea. I know where i’d like to hide!

1:21 PM Him: Shhh. I am trying to work and you’ll make me hard..

Her: Hmmm Does that mean I can’t tell you that I’d like to be hiding under your desk sucking your cock and watching you work. You know how I love to watch you work.

1:25 PM Him: Watching me work on sexy things, or regular everyday things?  Cock is good. But trying to focus a bit. Plus still catching up!

1:27 PM Her: Doesn’t matter if its sexy or everyday things. I’ll check in a little later Sexy. However I will be picturing you naked working!! I’m painting that scene right now in my head!

1:28 PM Him: Nice. Okay. Go work! Talk to you later

1:59 PM  Her: Some reports done.

2:01 PM Him: Good! I want to send you something to review for me.  I’m just working on it.  I need your feedback if you don’t mind.  

2:04 PM Her: Send it to me when you feel comfortable but I would love to review it.

2:05 PM Him: Will do.

2:15 PM Him: I have to say, I am still thinking about you wanting to experiment with being dominated.

2:19 PM Her: I think its exciting. You know I appreciate a little pain and enjoy spanking. I would love to experiment with bondage but as we have talked about it would have to be with someone who I really trust.  Would I truly follow through and stray I don’t know.

2:20 PM Him: If that is something you really want then why not? I know the conflict is there in both of us, would we stray take what we want, what we fantasize so much about?  I don’t know either.  

2:21 PM Her: I think we are for now in a good place.  Have we taken this too far, not yet.  Will we someday?  I fantasize about it a lot, but for now you fill a need in me that hasn’t been filled in a long time, no pun intended.  I enjoy you Baby, enjoy just being fun and sexy and saying whatever I want, never having to hide how I feel.  You are a breath of very fresh air in my day.  I hope you feel the same way about me.  

2:25 PM Him: You know I feel the same way.  I sometimes worry that we have taken things too far, but for now I agree I enjoy our chats and would miss them if we stopped.

2:41 PM Her:  That is the last of the serious stuff we will discuss today Mr. So we didn’t get a chance to really talk too much last week so how was your trip and I have to know how you found the sex shop!!  Also you said when you were in the hotel room you were surprised about the things you share with me.  You know you can share and tell me anything.  I would never betray your trust and you’re never going to shock me! Might make me crazy horny but thats most everything you do anyway!!

2:45 PM Him: What I meant about sharing was that I was naked in a hotel room with a vibrating butt plug in my ass and jerking off. And while I was doing that I was chatting with you. So it just amazes me sometimes that I can do that with you.  As far as the shop goes, I just googled “Adult Toys near me” from my phone and then saw a listing within a few miles and let the phones navigation take me there. IDK if the store was new, but it never came up before when i looked. So I was shocked. It was a nice place.   The rest of my trip was fine. I had no real plane delays so that was amazing! I watched Zero Dark Thirty which was good. Long but very interesting as a dramatization of the search for bin laden and the final raid on the house he was hiding in.  On the plane home they were showing Argo. I saw about half of it,  Thats the one about the Iran hostage crisis and how about 6 embassy employees had walked out onto the street and ended up at the canadian embassy. So ben Affleck plays a CIA guy who is going into get them out. So he creates a fake movie name “Argo” as a cover to go into iran as a film crew from Canada scouting sites.  So it was good alone time. LOL  BTW I just sent you a link.

2:56 PM Her: I’ll have much the same alone time on my trip at the end of the month, minus the Sex Shop. I’ll bring my own toys. I’m there Monday night and Tuesday night but I have plans for dinner Monday night and I will see about Tuesday night. I don’t really mind the alone time too much. I find it peaceful. Plus I don’t have to be quiet when I’m abusing myself!

2:57 PM Him: Its really not abuse when you are doing it to yourself.

2:59 PM Her: ha ha ha I guess depends on how often and hard you are doing it to yourself!!

Him: What toys will you be packing?

3:00 PM Her: I’ll take my butt plug and my vibrator. I may stop by the store to see if there’s anything else I want to try before I go.

3:02 PM Him: Wish I could be there to abuse you. I probably won’t even be able to chat with you when you are in your hotel room.

3:04 PM Her: I know that, I mean chat. I have plenty of work to do and there is a gym and a pool so I will not lack in things to do. I’m over there enough that if I’m bored I can call someone. I wish you were going to be there but that’s Ok as well. I still owe you a video so maybe you’ll get lucky!

3:06 PM Him: With a video I will end up stuck to my chair. The pictures get me going enough! Not that I don’t want one, mind you. Just going to have to prepare for that!

3:09 PM Her: Oh so I should give you advance warning prior to sending it. Maybe I can practice my descriptive text by telling you first what’s on the video and then if you survive I can send it? I was worried about sending you that recording last week. I was trying to be quiet, privacy is not something I get very often!

3:10 PM Him: I was wondering about that…Damn that was sexy I was so pissed my phone would not play it. I knew it would be late before I could listen on my laptop.

3:12 PM Her: I had nightmares about you listening to it at the gate when you got to the airport that morning and having everyone hear it!! I was just as happy you didn’t listen to it until you were in your hotel!

3:14 PM Him: That would have been…awkward.  Actually someone else recorded something similar and posted it. I was at the gym and sorting through some tweets and I guess I highlighted that, because it started to play a few seconds later and I did not know how to stop it.  Thank god the vol was very low on my phone and no one was around.

3:17 PM Her: So what would you like to see me doing on this video?

Him: Quilting.  LOL

Her: You’re an ass!

3:19 PM Him: I would like to see whatever you want to show me. I will let you decide on that.

3:20 PM Her: Maybe you’ll see me knitting then!

3:21 PM Him: That would work. If by knitting you mean fucking your ass with your butt plug.

3:22 PM Her: LOL you perv!  I’m reviewing!!

Him: okay. Nervous now

3:23 PM Her: Never be nervous with me!

Him: What if you were wearing a 10″ strap on?

3:24 PM Her: then you’d be horny not nervous!

3:25 PM Him: Both. My ass may not be cherry anymore, but it’s tiny. And I know you want to fuck it hard. So if you had a huge cock strapped on, I would know I was in for it.  I will say I did think about that with the plug. Having any kind of vibrations in a larger toy in my ass would probably make me explode. Especially if it was a strap-on and I could feel your body moving against mine, pushing it into me.

3:29 PM Her: Are you trying to distract me? The idea of fuckign you with anythign is melting me but I am busy but hold that thought! Fuck don’t forget that thought I want to pick right back up here when I’m done!  That was excellent baby!! Just excellent!!! This is very very exciting!!

3:52 PM Him: I am glad

3:54 PM Her: It really really good, I’m proud of you!  So back to fucking your ass!!!  So were you just trying to distract me? Did you know that they have strap ons that vibrate and one end goes in you and the other end goes inside me. Notice I said me!!

4:01 PM Him: Sorry have someone in my office, but that kind of strap-on could be fun. I think I sent you a link to one that supposedly has no harness. One part goes in the girl and then has a cock that she can fuck with.

4:04 PM Her: Ok so that ass fuckign with a 10 inch strap-on that vibrates is going to feel so good!! I’m not letting anyone else fuck it.  I’d love to fuck you in front of an audience.  That woudl be so much fun fuckign your sweet little ass with everyone watching!

4:05 PM Him: I am getting turned on now.  Being fucked like that with an audience could be interesting

Her: Are you getting hard? I would love to suck that hardness right out of you.

4:06 PM Him: Just kind of throbbing at the moment.   I have been thinking all day about some sort of scenarios of fantasy that we have not covered already. LOL

4:07 PM Her: mmmm that’s too bad. do you still have someone with you? Tired of me sucking you and pegging you?

4:08 PM Him: I think right now I would want to bent over my desk. You could pull down my pants and lick my asshole. Tongue fucking it. Then work in a finger or two. You have that huge strap-on on under your skirt. You are stroking it at you lick me and push two and then three fingers into my ass.  I am hard but you are ignoring that. Your own cock is getting slick as you apply some more lube.  Then you are up behind me. You position your huge cock and take me by my hips and push into me. Yo lean down and grab my hair and pull my head back as you bite my ear and whisper how tight my ass feels on your big cock.  You watch as my skin stretches around the thick dildo as it pushes deeper and deeper. You sink it in all the way and take a moment to look at how sweet my ass looks with your dick buried in it. You spank a few times hard to add some red to my ass while I adjust.  Then slowly you slide out. Just until the tip alone is in me and then back in. This time when you are fully in me you turn on the vibrator. It pulses through your own pussy which clenched out the part inside you. I groan as the vibrations spread through my own ass. You enjoy that for a few seconds and then you take my hips and start to fuck me in long deep strokes.  The pressure on your clit, the vibrations inside you and the image of my ass being fucked are too much. You know you will cum soon. You reach around me and stroke my cock. I am so hard and dripping pre cum that you know I won’t last either. You are prepared for that though and in between thrusts you take the wine glass you brought with you, You hold it over my cock and tell me you want it filled.

4:17 PM Her: You dirty boy!

4:18 PM Him: You fuck as hard as you can now and start to cum. Your orgasms just flow and your struggle to keep your fucking rhythm as you pump into me. You stroke my cock and then feel me as I cum. My cock explodes in several long pulses and my cum pours into the glass. You milk every last drop from me. Keeping deep in me you lift the glass and take a deep pull letting my cum fill your mouth.   I am in a dirty mood a fuck my ass and drink my cum kind of mood.

Her: You sext with the right girl them don’t you!!!

Him: I do.

4:20 PM Her: You make yourself hard don’t you!!

Him: yes. And sticky

Her: My job in this arrangement is to lick you clean?  Drink your cum and fuck your ass.

Him: you are forgetting being my cum bucket.  I like the idea of letting you be Dom as much as I like the idea of being dom with you.  Variety is the key.

4:23 PM Her: I wanted to tie you up this morning and tease you until you came all over yourself. I didn’t want to scare you away though!

4:24 PM Him: You wouldn’t scare me  But teasing would be an issue. I want to be fucked and to fuck.    So teasing would have to lead to one ot the other! LOL

4:25 PM Her: we would have gotten to that eventually!

4:27 PM Him: Good!  I liked that you say what you would do to me. Would you be as aggressive in bed?  Be fun to tie you up and tease you.

4:28 PM Her: I am going to have to think about a fantasy I would like to try and we have not talked about so far. I think it will involve public sex. I think we should as well challenge ourselves to take kinky selfies in public and share them with one another!

Him: That could be bad for me. Very different if a girl is exposing herself than a man.  But public sex eh?

4:29 PM Her: As for being aggressive in bed?  I think if I had the opportunity to real life fuck you I wouldn’t waste a minute on being self conscious or worrying about the consequences.  I could live with the guilt for 1 day, 1 night of nothing but pleasure giving and getting.  Aggressive yes I would be, I want you and have never made a secret of that.  I’ll just have to either convince you or get my rape kit packed!  I am going to think tonight about where I would like to have sex and how we could do it.

Him: 4:31 PM I can imagine it would be very pleasurable with you.  I imagine you tied up, standing. You can’t move. Then just rub your clit or use a vibrator on you until you came over and over again.  I think we would be sore the next day!

4:33 PM Her: You exposing yourself in public would be such a turn on. I was very turned on by you in the hotel, I can’t imagine actually being in public with you while I used a vibrating butt plug on you making you cum.  You could do that to me in a movie theatre tie me to a chair and watch the movie while you make me cum. i wonder if I would cry out?  I could push you up against the wall in the subway and hold you with a vibrator up your ass and make you cum.   I think I might need a lot of bail money the next time I’m in town!

4:36 PM Him: wow. Interesting

Her: Interesting??? – are you walking again?

4:37 PM Him: on a call now and talking a lot

4:38 PM Her: I have to get going anyway. You will also be leaving soon. I will think about how I’m going to fuck you and keep you hard. Night Sexy! xoxo

Him: Okay. Good night and be safe getting home

4:39 PM Her: you too don’t let anyone fuck you on the subway!

Him: : )

Digital Sex Part 16

8:10 AM Her:  Hey Baby I thought you might want something to read while you’re away.  I hope you enjoy the little present I emailed to you.   This is what could have happened had we made the trip work…..

8:12 PM Her: are you there Sexy?

8:14 PM Him: Yes I am.  Thanks Babe for the reading material that was hot.  Drove me crazy on the flight.  I just sent you an email.

Her: The one with the picture?  You’re going to enjoy that I think!

8:17 PM Him: I hope so. Funny there was never a toy store around here. I don’t know if it’s new or I just never found it before but there is a store right here. Very nice store.  The staff was actually trying to be very helpful. I think one sales rep was explaining all kinds of anal toys to a lesbian couple while I was there.

8:19 PM Her: Leave it to you to find a sex store. but now you have something to play with!  How was your day anyway?

Him: So now getting some food then heading to hotel to play.

Her: OK Babe!

8:20 PM Him: My day was boring. Not much to do . How was yours? Saw your tweets, did you have a bad day?

8:21 PM Her: No just busy. That couple from last week was back and settled their babies claim and I know they are going to take the money. Just bummed me out paying them. the poor kid won’t see a dime of it.

Him: And btw got your email. My phone won’t play it and did not want to even try at work. So will check that when I get back to room as well.

Her: OK

Him: That sucks. Sorry I didn’t not get back to you on email earlier. I am sure you were wondering.

Her: Oh well day is done! and I am going to get a glass of wine and talk with a really sexy ass guy!   No I wasn’t wondering!    I figured you would get to it Sexy!

8:24 PM Him: You had me thinking some interesting thoughts on my plane ride. Will have to tell you when I am on PC.

8:25 PM Her: hmmm sounds interesting

8:26 PM Him: It was.

Her: Will it make me horny

Him: What do you think?

8:27 PM Her: I think yes!! Everything you think and do makes me horny!

8:28 PM Him: LOL.

8:31 PM Her: What are you getting to eat please say something decent.

Him:  Then I shouldn’t tell you.

8:32 PM Her: My wine is very tasty! Would be better on your cock however!

 Him: What are our drinking? I’m having a beer

Her: Shiraz What are you eating pizza?

Him: Burger. Red robins

8:36 PM Her: I bet its good!

8:37 PM Him: It is. Had a salad for lunch at the office so I am being bad now

8:38 PM Her: You can be. when I travel I eat like crazy. .

Him: Damn phone is dying.

8:39 PM Her: just message when you get back to hotel enjoy your burger and beer.

8:41 PM Him: Will do. Should not be long

8:42 PM Her: enjoy!

9:16 PM Him: Getting ready to listen to your gift. Holy Fuck.  OMG your voice is sexy as fuck.  That was incredible.

9:19 PM Her: I wasn’t sure if you would like it or not.

Him: It was fucking incredible Babe.  What were you doing when you recorded that? Be honest.

9:21 PM Her: I was fingering my cunt and my ass. I was making myself cum, like I do almost every night, thinking about you.

9:22 PM Him: you are amazing I don’t know if it would have been hotter if you weren’t doing a thing. You sounded so hot, thinking about fucking you and hearing that …omg    So…What I was thinking… do you want to know where my mind was on the plane?

9:23 PM Her: yes

9:24 PM Him: Well I was also thinking about what would happen if you were here.  Of course I figured we would fuck hard and I loved how you described it.  After that we would get in the shower and get all nice and clean.  It’s a standing shower here, no tub. I would pin you against the shower stall and fuck you again from behind. I would not be able to leave that pussy alone.  Then when we got out of the shower I would towel you dry. After that I would get some lotion and make sure I covered your skin with it. I want you nice and soft. Your hair is wet, but thats okay. Did you bring a brush?

9:27 PM Her: Yes I did Sir, the one with a long thick handle.

Him: what kind of bristols?

9:28 PM Her: Hard ones, and you’re killing me here

9:31 PM Him: I take it and start to comb out your hair. I use the towel to dry it some more as I brush.  I go into my bag and return with a soft white cotton t shirt. Your are sitting on the bed in a hotel robe. I take the t shirt and wrap it around your eyes as a blindfold. It is soft and smells of my cologne. It immediately reminds you of the deep hard fuck we just had as we got in the room, when you first could smell my scent.  I slip off your robe and put you on your knees on the bed. I am back in my bag and you hear the jingle of my belt.  It’s not what you think though.  I pull your arms behind you bent at the elbow. I wrap the belt around your forearms securing it in place. I then push your head down on the bed so that your ass is up in the air, still on your knees. One hand rests on your restrained arms and the other rubs your ass. It is such a beautiful ass Babe. So nice and firm. I squeeze your tight cheeks.  Holding your hair I turn your face to the side. You are at the edge of the bed so I am standing next to you. My hand continues to rub your ass. But you are such a dirty girl. Such a little slut coming here like this.  Aren’t you?

9:36 PM Her: Yes Sir I am but I miss you when I can’t spend time with you.

9:37 PM Him: Well that’s nice, but for coming here without my permission you must be punished. Let’s start with your slutty mouth.  I rub my cock over your lips. My pre cum smearing all over your face. You open your mouth and I push in. you suck me willingly and greedily. I let you do this for a few minutes.  Enjoying the taste of your master’s cock?

9:40 PM Her: I always enjoy the taste of your cock. I love the feel of it sliding over my hot wet tongue. I want you in my throat but will do as my master bids, for now, but I will get what I want.

9:43 PM Him:  I push balls deep in your throat and hold you there. Now for your punishment. I spank your ass hard 10 times on one cheek holding you on my cock.  I let you off my cock to get a breath and then shove right back in. I am very hard and it fills your throat. And now…You feel your hair brush rubbing over your ass. “Which side should I use my pet? The back?” Smack! It’s wide and flat and sends a shock through your body.  Or do you prefer the bristles? Smack. These are sharp and dig into your skin. “What will it be my pet?” I ask as I slip my cock out again so you may answer

9:47 PM Her: The back please Sir. I love the feel of your hand after the sting of the back of the brush more so than the pain of the bristles.

Him:  I rub it over your ass and let you feel it’s smooth surface.  I pump my cock into your mouth while I do this. You suck like such a good little fuck toy Babe. It pleases me so much. Then 10 hard smacks on your ass with the brush while I am deep in your throat. I love the way you jump a little. It feels so good so on my cock. Then my hand is rubbing your ass, smoothing over your stinging hot skin. I start to fuck your mouth hard as I do this. Your red ass is making me so hard. I slip my hands between your legs. Your so fucking wet. What a dirty little bitch you are. My bitch.  I push two fingers into your wet cunt. I am still fucking your mouth. My cock is so wet with your spit I love it. I finger fuck your cunt, and then slip my fingers out. Spreading your juices over your ass. I lean over and spit into your asshole and then finger it. Its so tight. I am going to love fucking it again.  I pull out of your mouth and slap your face a few times. Then I move behind you. I take that brush with the big thick handle and rub it over your pussy. Getting it wet. I slowly push it in your cunt and lean in and lick your puckered little asshole.  I pump that thick hard handle in and out and tongue fuck your ass. You taste so sweet.  I roll you over onto your back and restrained arms. I push your legs up and continue to fuck you with your brush. It looks so lewd sticking out of you. So dirty. I shove it in deep and rub my cock against your asshole. Still wet from your mouth, I drive it right in. You gasp at how full you are. I can feel the pressure of the brush handle in your cunt on my cock in your ass.  Its fucking amazing. I start to fuck you hard.  My cock slides in and out in long thrusts. You can feel every inch of my thick cock pushing back and forth over your sphincter.  I continue to fuck you with the brush, double penetrating you. I am pumping both holes hard now, taking what I want. These are mine do you hear me? Mine to fuck as I please.  You make me so hot. I need to own these!  I push deep and grind into you. I am close and going to cum.  I pull out the brush handle and start to fuck your ass hard. Then I pull out and stroke my cock. When I cum I spray one jet of my juice into your asshole and then another into your pussy. back and forth I go filling both your fuck holes with my seed.  When I am done you are dripping with me. I lean over you and kiss you deeply as I undo the blindfold and the belt, rubbing your arms as I go.  I needed to mark you as mine Babe I whisper between kisses

10:21 PM Him: That’s what I thought about on the plane.

10:22 PM Her: That was hot as fuck and would be such a nice way to fuck me. I found great pleasure in you wanting to mark me as yours, but you know you already have.  I am yours to do with as you please.  You know that right?  I’m so hot and wet right now. I wish I was there with you so you could get me off just like that.

Did you really like the recording and why did you ask what I was doing? Did you think I was not cumming for you?  I was so hot and wet thinking about how you would react to hearing my voice.

10:25 PM Him: it was very hot. I was thinking it sounded so amazing, and that even if you weren’t fucking yourself, it was almost just a sexy that you could sound so hot without doing anything. If that makes sense?

10:28 PM Her: my fingers were so wet and I love how they feel in my cunt and ass. I think about how it would feel to have your fingers there making me moan and sigh. I think about how my fingers would feel in your ass. It would be amazing.  Did you open your little toy yet?  Installed the batteries?

Him: I wish you were fingering my ass now, and yes I just did.

10:33 PM Her: I wish I was too. I would lick that little tight pucker first. stroking it making in relax and open for me. Can you feel how hot and wet my tongue would feel on your ass right now. I would have you sit on my face. while I sucked on your asshole I could stroke your cock. That fucking gorgeous cock I would love to get my hands on.  How are the vibrations on your toy? I bet it will feel magnificent up your hot silky hole.

10:35 PM Him: its nice I am rubbing there now so hard but wish I was sitting on your face

10:36 PM Her: my tongue warming your hole relaxing it so you can push that vibe in your ass and feel how good it feels. It will burn a little sliding in but once you get used to pushing it in and out of your ass it will feel so good.

10:37 PM Him: its in now mmmm

10:38 PM Her: I hate you being all by yourself with a hard cock. That cum will be wasted needlessly when I could give it such a good home in my fucking mouth.

Him: fuck I know

10:39 PM Her: enjoy the feeling and stroke your cock don’t write another thing until you cum.

10:43 PM Him: omg. That was fun.  Not as good alone though.

Her: did you like it?  No not as good alone. I wish I was there so badly.

10:45 PM Him: Not as much as I thought. The vibrations were nice. But it didn’t stay in. And did not really get to prostate. But vibrating inside me like that was kind of intense.  I absolutely can not believe the things I share with you!

10:46 PM Her: Mine is hard to stay in as well. Those toys I think are meant for 2 to have fun with.  I can imagine pushing that into your ass and pulling back out the vibrations rubbing up against all that soft tissue inside your ass.  Then when I suck you off sliding the tool over your balls would be so intense.  Are you OK?

Him: yes I am Why?

Her: I don’t know you just seem like you didn’t enjoy that as much as you thought you would.

10:50 PM Him: Oh no. It was fun. But more from vibe than from penetration. Unexpected, but fun. I think my ass is not quite the virgin any more. I have fingered it too much. LOL.

10:52 PM Her: So not to sound creepy but what are you wearing? Are you naked? briefs t shirt?

Him: LOL a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. I was naked before when I was playing. Now relaxing.

10:53 PM Her: mmm I like picturing you naked.

Him: LOL It may not be a pretty site soon. Been bad this week. Drinking and eating like shit.

10:56 PM Her: So what’s on your schedule for tomorrow? more meetings? Then hopefully you can fly out later in the day? Why would you not think it was a pretty site. I think your body is fantastic.  I especially love your belly button I so want to stick my tongue in there.

10:59 PM Him: You do seem obsessed with that. Yes several meetings tomorrow. Done around noon. Flight is at 3:05 pm CT.   How about you? Still a lot of work to do?

11:03 PM Her: slowly catching up with work and trying to get my appointments for the end of the month scheduled. The head VP is in next week and I am trying to get some changes finalized to one of my intake clerks job roles, so I have to finish that off.  So what are you going to do for the rest of the night? you still feeling OK, no flu symptoms?

I would so enjoy being snuggled up in bed sucking your cock right now.

Him: In bed now, checking in on twitter and chatting with you. Going to turn on a movie and chill I think

11:10 PM Her:  you go and enjoy your movie. I am off to bed myself. what movie by the way? anything good?

11:11 PM Him: Either Argo or Zero Dark Thirty.  I think I am going to save Argo. Wife said she wanted to see it although I don’t think she knew what it was about

 11:19 PM Her: You snuggle in and watch your movie Baby. I am off to bed unless you want me to keep you company.

11:20 PM Him: Get some sleep. You have to work tomorrow. I will check in with you in the morning!  Thanks for hanging out with me.

11:22 PM Her: You’re quite welcome Sir! You get some sleep as well and will talk to you in the morning! xoxo

Him: good night


1o:15 AM Him: Good morning!  So I have to wait for a surprise again?

10:17 AM Her: hahaha you sound like a 3 year old!! Good Morning Sexy!!

Him: Maybe too much time with the little ones.

10:18 AM Her: When do you fly out?

10:21 AM Him: Tomorrow. 7 am flight.

10:24 AM Her: Thats early! you will be in the office for the full day and then fly home on Thursday?

10:25 AM Him: Yes, Fly out at like 4. Usually in Office by 10-11 ET. Then leave on Thursday around 1 to get car back to airport and get through security for my flight.

10:26 AM Her: That’s a full 2 days for you. Are you packed?

10:27 AM Him: Nope. I usually do everything at night. Don’t have to bring much. Can wear Jeans in that office so that’s easier.    I have my routine for this. LOL have done it enough.

10:33 AM Her: Well good that you know what you’re doing and all organized! i never doubted it for a second. I think that day you forgot your briefs in your gym bag was on purpose just to make me horny thinking about you going commando!

10:55 AM Him: LOL. No I had mis packed my gym bag several times. Normally its a towel or something like that. Socks were a big one.  For travel I am pretty good.

11:19 AM Her:  You go to work and I will check in later with you. Get your stuff done and we can catch up later Babe. xox

11:28 AM Him:  Yes in a meeting now.

11:29 AM Her: I’ll allow you to concentrate on work and leave your cock alone for the moment. Although 3 days is much too long to be without it!

12:14 PM Him: LOL

12:46 PM Her: If your DM was an invite I would take you up on it a thousand times a day!


Him: 1000x a day, we would both be raw!

12:47 PM Her: Alright I exaggerated, 999 x then!

Him: You must not enjoy walking

12:48 PM Her: I wouldn’t mind spending a few days on my back, or knees.

12:55 PM Him: That could be very useful

12:59 PM Her: Very useful, I could be tied up or down. All of me available to be used in anyway you saw fit. I would be partial to sucking you off in every position we could imagine, but would leave the rest up to you to decide. I can imagine the first time I suck you off would have to be fast and hard. On my knees on the floor at the bottom of the bed. lean me head back and fuck my face. Hard and fast then we would have time to play.  After I would strip your clothes and touch suck or lick every part of your body.  There would not be an inch of you that my tongue or lips did not touch.  I thought about how good that would be over the weekend. to have you all to myself to do what i please.

Him: It would be fun.  So many options LOL  You mentioned changing your flight. when is that?

1:07 PM Her: I was going to fly out on the 24th but now I’m going to fly out on the 25th. I’ll push my meetings back to late morning. I have a mediation on the 26th and meetings the morning of the the 27th and then fly home that afternoon.   2 nights all alone in my hotel!

1:08 PM Him: Ok.

1:19 PM Her:  So back to me sucking that gorgeous cock!  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at your pics. Or imagining running my tongue up and down your cock. Taking the time to lick and suck every inch of your balls and what my tongue and mouth would like to to do to that ass.

Him:  Yes, please carry on.

1:23 PM Her: I’d spend a considerable amount of time licking the insides of your thighs and just teasing that little spot between your balls and your ass. I’d roll you over and kiss, lick and nibble across your cheeks and the backs of your legs.  When I finally got to separate those sexy cheeks I would lightly lick and kiss everywhere except where would wanted me to.  Lightly teasing you maybe a light brush of a fingertip, a slow breath, maybe a wet kiss. Finally I’d give you what you wanted. Wet and warm kissing and sucking that sexy pucker making it relax and want me inside it. Slowly pointing my tongue and pressing until you press back into my face. In and out you’d feel my tongue each time pushing harder and harder. When my tongue could not go any deeper I would have to replace it with my wet fingers. My fingers are juicy wet because they’ve been in my cunt. Warm and wet I push my pussy soaked fingers into your ass. I wonder if they feel as good in you as they did in me? Do you think you’d like that Baby?  Of course my mouth and tongue would keep my fingers company. Then my free hand would reach around and stroke your hard cock. You’d have to lift up on your knees but I don’t think you’d mind that. I’m sure that my tongue and fingers would keep you very happy at that moment. I stroke that wonderful cock from the bottom of your shaft to your sensitized tip, over and over softly sliding my hands over your soft skin.  Your balls are so tight and they beg to be sucked. My mouth drops underneath you and I suck each ball separately rolling my tongue over your smooth skin. My fingers keep pressing inside your hot ass and it feels so good. Your warm and silky and I know you taste good. I slide onto my back and replace my hand around your cock with my mouth. I suck you slow and soft until you know you’re ready to cum. I bury 3 fingers in your ass and you pump my face taking what you need. Pushing deep into my throat until you can’t hold back any longer and you release your load into my throat. You can feel me swallowing and you continue to cum as I push harder and harder into you ass with my finger. I’m not going to let you go until your soft and I lick you clean.  

1:42 PM Him: I love this. I so want it. Its funny. I know I will be abusing the hell out of myself tomorrow so I am trying to be nice today but damn I am getting horny and want to throat fuck you.

2:46 PM Her: Nice to who? Who says a throat fucking wouldn’t be nice? I think it would be very nice.

Him: I meant to myself.  Which I guess isn’t nice at all. More like don’t tease myself too much

2:47 PM Her: Oh, so I should take my hand out of my pants?

Him: Not at all.  Unless you are going to lick them and put them back

Her: Maybe you should put your hand in yours.  I licked my fingers a lot this weekend.

Him: Oh. So how much fun did you have this weekend?

2:49 PM Her: A lot!

Him: I bet.  For me timing was bad all weekend. Wife was looking for action Sunday night but was feeling like shit. It was a rare moment where she was up late and ready to go and I was dying and looking to sleep.  Was not happy about that.  I couldn’t even take care of myself much.

So should be ready to explode soon

2:52 PM Her: Maybe she’ll be ready when you get home tonight.

Him: I doubt it. But I think she was looking to take care of things before I traveled.

2:53 PM Her: So you will enjoy my gift then when I send it!

2:54 PM Him: You really have me wondering now more and more.

Her: Actually it may be dangerous to send it in your current condition. Might have to rethink this.

Him: I am a big boy.

2:55 PM Her: I worry about your fellow passengers.

Him: Don’t get me in trouble with TSA

2:56 PM Her: ha ha ha but did you know that each of the lights above the seats are fitted with hidden camera’s. I just recently found that out. Was actually shocked! I make no promises either.

2:57 PM Him: Are they really?

Her: Yes I am serious.

Him: Well when are you planning on sending this?

2:58 PM Her: It won’t be until later tonight. You can enjoy it at the gate!

Him: Tease

2:59 PM Her: I hope you’ll like it.

Him: I am sure I will if history is any indicator.

3:00 PM Her: No its not a picture.

Him: I have loved everything you have sent to me.  So what will you be up to while I am lonely in my room stroking my cock?

3:03 PM Her: Thank you Baby. My fuck I wish I was going to be there stroking that cock with my mouth. I will be out until 6 your time. Then home. I’ll be working for a bit from home if you want to chat. Are you going to go out for supper or anything?

3:07 PM Him: The thing is that I don’t know. I will be in CST. If others are there out of town I will end up going out with them. But I don’t think so this round.  So Will probably grab a bite and head to hotel. Around 6 CT which is like 8 your time I think.  I will try and let you know what my timing looks like.  

3:11 PM Her: No don’t worry if you have a chance to go out and enjoy yourself go. I have work that I’m taking home tonight and tomorrow to get ready for my trip anyway.  I’ll have my phone with me,if your going out and can message me, if not I will be working anyway.  Still horny? I always picture you horny!

3:12 PM Him: I will definitely let you know what I am doing. LOL (Take that anyway you like)

Yes. I am horny as I always am!

Him: 3:41 PM On a call for the next few minutes

Her: OK let me know when you get off.

3:52 PM Him: Off now

3:55 PM Her:  Good because I’d love to get off all over your face.

3:56 PM Him: I would love that as well. I wonder how you taste, Like really tongue deep in your little wet hole taste

3:59 PM Her: I’ve never tasted another so I’m not sure how I would compare. I don’t mind the taste. A little tart but not sour, hard to describe. I am truly trying to be good but can’t seem to stop thinking about you fucking my ass or eating my pussy I wonder why!

4:02 PM Him:  And yes, I would much prefer your Mouth, Pussy and Ass to my hand. But for now I will have to use my imagination I guess.  I will probably be playing with my ass and thinking of you as well.  That seems to be my thing lately.  Wish I could travel with a Toy.

4:09 PM Her: Why can’t you? If you get caught just blame it on your wife! If you’re checking bags put it in that. As for using your imagination you have a very good one so it shouldn’t be difficult. I wish that we could have made a trip work but that’s OK. When you start feeling lonesome just close your eyes and imagine my mouth around your dick. You’re standing over me and fucking my face hard. you can hear me gagging for a breath but you keep pounding away until you finally lift off and let me take a breath. You can see the spit hanging from your cock to my mouth and you push back inside hard and fast. If you don’t want to cum in my mouth you can then imagine pushing that cock into my ass for the first time. So tight and hot but my spit has you well lubed. Just imagine how hot your cum looks slowly flowing out of my ass, feed it to me.

4:10 PM Him:  Fuck girl. You are one hot bitch and deserve a good hard fucking in all your holes. I don’t check bags on a trip like this and don’t have any toys I can bring with me.  May have to improvise.

4:13 PM Her: I’ll have to pick you up a toy to take on your next trip!! You can keep it at work and then pack it when you go!! Improvise that sound devious. I would love to have all of my holes fucked but sadly thats not going to happen, well at least not tonight….

Him: I wonder what kind of toy you would like to see me fuck my ass with…. And I can be fairly imaginative when it comes to that.  May have to rely on fingers, but that doesn’t really get in there enough to satisfy what I am thinking off.

4:15 PM Her: So now you have me curious. Other than your cock what would you fuck my ass with? Not a toy either.

4:16 PM Him: Fingers and Tongue of course.  Brush handle? Toothbrush?  But if I was with you I would stick to my dick I think!  Have you ever fucked yourself with a “non Sexual Object”

4:19 PM Her: What about the remote control? put a condom on it. Might have fun trying to change the channel. I would love you to use your dick, fingers, tongue, toe, elbow!! Now I’m getting horny again!

4:20 PM Him: Interesting.

4:21 PM Her: Have I ever fucked myself with a non sexual object no I can’t think of anything non sexual.  Just cock fingers and vibrators. Pretty boring heh?

4:22 PM Him: No. I think thats normal. What’s funny is that you and I have probably led fairly normal sexual lives.

4:23 PM Her: I think most people lead fairly normal sex lives.  We just want to spice it up, well a lot!

Him: True. Still I would love to get a toy chest and you for a weekend!

4:25 PM Her: A weekend to what experiment with any and all toys! Sounds exciting and fun

4:26 PM Him: yes. I am sure there are some very interesting things to play with!

4:29 PM Her: A whole weekend to use all kinds of toys, anything you can imagine on kinky little moi? I would love to use an ass plug on you with my tongue. I can imagine ticking that pucker as I stroke that toy in and out of your hole.  I really am trying to be good but it has been 3 days!

Him: Yes. I would love that. You want to stuff that huge toy in my little ass eh?  

Her: Yes I want to stuff that little ass with more than a butt plug!

Him: Dirty bitch.  You know I would let you though.  I would love having you warm me up.  Licking and sucking my ass. Then fingering it. I would feel so warm and tight on your finger.  Then when you add another. Oh, that would be nice. 3 fingers? That would hurt, but you would do it anyway. Would you make me suck your other fingers, or your tits while you punished my ass?   Would you smack it as you pushed your third and maybe…oh,…a 4th finger in  Then the toy. I would need lube. Lube the toy and my ass. Work it in with your fingers, Really get it in there. Then push the head into me.  It would stretch me. I might groan. But then you would shut me up. Shove your fingers in my mouth. Whisper something nasty to me. What would you whisper to me while you stuffed that toy in my ass?

4:40 PM Her: The time I spend on your ass will be all about you. I would be there for your pleasure and you would love it. As for what I whisper in your ear it would be “You like it rough, I have been your cum slut and sucked you dry. Now you are going to be my cum slut. I’m going to fuck your ass and you are going to stroke your cock until you cum in your hand. You’ll then lick every last drop of your own cum while I watch.”

4:41 PM Him: That’s hot.

Her: You’re a perv!!

4:42 PM Him: I know. But you said it. Would you like to watch me lick up my own cum?

4:43 PM Her: Yes, but to be honest I wouldn’t let you finish it without sharing. I doubt I could watch you do that without cumming myself! You’d share with me wouldn’t you?

4:44 PM Him: Yes. I’ve never tasted myself that way.  I would like to eat it out of you and then feed it back to you with a kiss.  Or maybe cum in a glass and have you drink that.  I think you know by now, there isn’t much I wouldn’t try if my lover wanted to do something.

4:46 PM Her: When I read what you type I have developed this habit of rubbing my index finger of my right hand across my bottom lip and I lick it and run is across my bottom teeth. It has become a little pruny this afternoon. I am sure I must look totally horny doing that! I’d take it in a kiss. a fucking hot make me cum kiss.  Are you teasing me or are you typing?

Him: I would like to pin your legs up and fuck you. really hard a deep with your legs over my shoulders. Then cum in your pussy. But not deep, just the tip of my cock in you in when I came. Then I would pull you up and have you sit on my face. I would lick and suck all of my juice from you until you came. I want both of our cum. Then I could lay you back down and kiss you, giving all that cum back to you. Swirling it between our tongues, having it drip over our lips and down our cheeks. I’d rub your pussy until you came again like that. Then I would straddle your face and push my cock in your throat and have you suck me clean.   From there I would decide on your ass or just fucking your throat until I came again.  It would be hot sharing cum with you.  The people who sit near you must be wondering LOL

4:54 PM Her: Only 1 girl can actually see me and she needs to push her chair back. Its the ones that simply pop around the corner and see what I’m typing or reading that piss me off!  Well I think we are both ready to head home. I’ll message you later but have a safe flight baby if we don’t connect before you take off.

4:55 PM Him: Okay. Good night.  Keep that pussy warm and wet for me

Her: BTW I sent you an e mail with a pic of how I want you to fuck me!  I just sighed!

4:56 PM Him: I saw that. That was what I was thinking. Just you on your back so I really drive into you.

Her: Night baby. xoxo

Him: Night!

Notes from Madame Mischief

I am pleased to provide you with an audio post previewing a section of Digital Sex Part 16.  I hope you enjoy!

Digital Sex Part 14

9:53 AM Her: Good Morning I’m going to the ladies room fuck you’re hot! Wish you were really here. I shiver at the thought of you smacking my ass red! I’m ashamed to say that I would beg for it right now. truly beg for you to haul your hand back and whip it down on my ass cheeks hard. You would see the ripples across my ass as you make me red, one stroke at a time. Then to fill me with that gorgeous thick cock. I can feel the head of your cock pushing into me teasing me as you slowly rub it around my opening separating my lips and sliding up to torture my clit. then without warning you simply ram into me and treat me like the little slut I am. stroke after stroke grinding against my red ass. I would cum so fast.

9:57 AM Him: Holy shit that would be hot. To know you wanted that, to be able to just spank the fuck out of your ass and then take my pleasure out of you and leave you red and drooling with my cum. to know that you would be begging for more later on…That gets me hard.

Her: I might just need to go back to the bathroom! But yes I am in that bad a state today you could do anything to me and I would beg for more. I could fuck you all day and still want more. I guess its a good thing I’m not closer we might have to take a sick day and fuck off together.

10:13 AM Him: I know that feeling. Did you just get off in the bathroom? Did the panties even make it to 10 am?

10:17 AM Her: I didn’t even want to put them on this morning! No they are gone. Yes I did in the bathroom and it felt fabulous. The squishy sound my fingers made pushing in and out of me faster and faster was so amazing, I’m still so wet. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.

10:18 AM Him: Fuck that’s hot. I have meetings all morning but will be thinking about sucking your fingers clean.

10:23 AM Her: All I could think about was how good your mouth would feel sucking my clit and licking up all that pussy juice. Your beard scratching the inside of my thighs your teeth nibbling and scraping on my pussy lips. Fuck that would be so amazing.

10:24 AM Him: From what I have seen your pussy lips look perfect for nibbling. I want to pull on them with my teeth.

Her: We have to stop this. I feel like I have a bullet vibrator up my hole and I don’t. I can see your fucking hands stroking your cock getting it hard and i want so bad to lick and suck it. I want it in my throat and up my ass and in my cunt listing to our skin connecting with that smack every time you ram me. You talking dirty and calling me all those names, cum slut, whore, fuck doll everything I would cum over and over again I think. I think I would never stop cumming. my skin is prickly and goosebumpy just thinking of your hands gripping my hips so hard. biting my nipples making me moan and go crazy. You fuckign drive me crazy.

Him: Well my meeting schedule will take care of some of this for us.

11:14 AM Her: I’ll miss you today but I agree. No more sexy talk and NO MORE PICTURES!

How are your meetings going?

Him: Well, I can’t promise anything! Meetings are just status updates. Nothing sexy. Only 1 review left to deliver after this.

12:22 PM Her: Good for you! I have to rework one of my staff’s objectives for next year and then I am done as well. I’ll check in with you later Babe!

Him: OK.

12:07 PM Her: I’m drowning my sorrows in mac and chh

12:08 PM Him: Lol.

Her: Cheese and watermelon! I also appear to be stuttering! LOL Still in meetings? I’m thinking of some sexy guy!

12:20 PM Him: Some Sexy guy? Who the Fuck…

12:32 PM Her He’s got the most amazing…. and knows how to make me …. over and over and over.

12:35 PM Him: Sounds like a good guy!

12:36 PM me: I imagine he’s good at a lot of things.

Him: LOL

12:39 PM Her: The mac & cheese didn’t help.

12:40 PM Him: It never does. I actually just ate an orange

12:41 PM Her: Was it juicy? Did you lick it off your fingers?

Him: Yes. My fingers are rather sticky now.

Her: I would have to lick and suck those fingers clean very very slowly.

12:49 PM Him: You’d have me rubbing that orange on my cock.

Her: You wouldn’t have to! I’m trying to be good but I just can’t seem to stay good. I’m a good cock slut that should count for something. I love sucking your cock into my hot wet mouth sliding my tongue around your hard silky shaft riding you into the throat as you pump my face. I can feel you sliding out of my mouth just to the tip and letting me suck hard before you push back across my tongue and into my throat. I’m on my knees in front of you and i want your cum on my tongue. Will you give me what I want? will you make me beg and ask.. Master please gift me with your cum on my tongue, stroke your cock and let me appreciate your gift as I savour your taste and feel. Let me take it all and swallow it when you are satisfied I have paid its the respect it deserves.

Him: Be right with you….hold that thought

1:20 PM Her: I’ll try but I may need to move onto your ass.

Him: Fuck . You are a horny bitch today. I want to fuck your mouth just like that. Yes, you are a good cock slut and I would feed you my cum. You are my cum bucket. I want you drooling cum from every orifice. After I fill your mouth you can play with my ass until I get hard again. Then I will fill your pussy. You can suck me hard again, savoring the taste of your own cum on my cock, while I finger and stretch your ass with a nice set of large anal beads. While you suck I will push each bead into you. I love to watch them disappear. Room for more? Yes, I think so . 2, 3, 4 beads stuffing your ass. Keep sucking pet, because I am going to fill your ass with cum as soon as you make me hard again. 5, 6 beads. Now I pull them out, one by one. Its so fucking hot watching them pop out of your tight little asshole as your tongue and mouth work my cock into life. I get behind you now that I am hard again, and slowly pop out the last few beads. You can feel each one stretch your hole deliciously as it comes out. When the last is out I spit right into the little gape of your ass and then push the head of my cock into it. I hold it there. Go ahead, push back on my cock. Take me into your ass. Fuck yourself. I stay unmoving and let you work my cock with your tightest hole. It looks so hot as it stretched over me and I feel my cock pressing into you. As you start to fuck me, I reach around and rub your clit. Work that cock in your ass bitch. Take it deep. Show me how you want my cum. I can feel it still in your pussy. I shove 3 fingers in your pussy and collect some of my cum from before.I rub it all over your cunt and use it to stroke your clit. You start to pound yourself on my dick. Yes, fuck me with your dirty little ass. Take my cum! I can’t help it and start to fuck you. I grab your little hips and started to slam my cock in and out of your ass. I have cum already so I am going to pound you for a while before I fill your ass. You finger your own pussy and start to cum while I slam into you. I can feel you squirting down my legs and it makes me cum. I slam home deep into you. Fuck! I’m cuming in your ass! When I am done I sit and watch as my cum drools out of your gaping ass. It is so sexy to know I own that hole.

1:41 PM Her: Holy mother of God that will keep me smiling for the rest of the afternoon. I’m still terribly horny and that didn’t help. I guess I was playing with fire! I think you made yourself hard with that one. I would love to see that, touch it and taste it. That would be such a horny fuck fest of a day to have you cum everywhere in me. You have to claim that hole to own it. I would love for you to fuck my ass for the first time, make is sweet and sensual. make me enjoy and want to do it over and over again. fuck I am going to the bathroom again!

Him: LOL. Yes. First time would be soft and sweet. Slow and easy let you adjust. How big is your plug? I saw it in, but what size is it?

Her: compared to your cock small! I don’t know how big it is maybe an inch and a half around? 3 inches long? They had a kit at the shop I go to and it is a set of 3 plugs small medium and large. They look like baby soothers. They don’t appear to look as pleasurable as mine is so I assume they are simply for stretching.

1:56 PM Him: I think I know the kind. So you like it, or do you think you’ll move to something bigger? If we were meeting in Boston I would tell you to start working with something bigger.

Her: I do like it and I could move to something a bit bigger but for now I am enjoying it. Had Boston been good for us then I would move onto something bigger in anticipation but thats not in our cards and thats OK. I think having a real cock would obviously feel so much better but for now I am content to be dirty all on my own.

2:04 PM Him: Very true. Hard, but with some give, and warm. Much better. So where are you in the Road (obvious change of topic for sanity sake).

Her: I only read a bit last night it was after 8 by the time I got home and then had to eat and make lunches homework all that stuff! so after 10 by the time I got out of the shower and into bed. The dad killed a guy and they are still travelling south. The writing is amazingly descriptive. I always enjoy picturing what I am reading in my head as I read. Any book that can make me hear the crinkle of the fallen leaves or sounds of raindrops, stuff like that is a good book. I think I will enjoy the book but I feel for the sadness and desperation of the boy and Dad. It would be a parents worst nightmare to be faced with death at every turn. It makes you question if you would have the fight needed to keep going.

2:14 PM Him: Yes, the road is a lot about parenting. The writing is good. The author has written several well received books and they have even been made into movies. It is a sad book, but engrossing and kind of makes you reflect on what you have, and what you would lose if the “World Moved on” as Roland of Gilead puts it. Also definitely has you thinking about what you would do for you kids. I think you would be at the part where he has to leave the boy alone for a few minutes to go check something. That scene is a kick in the stomach.

2:44 PM Him: I like your link a lot. That’s fucking hot!

2:46 PM Her: It is isn’t it. Makes me all squishy and warm!!

2:47 PM Him: How hard could I fuck your face?

2:50 PM Her: Not like Veniceblogs hard. That was crazy sexy!! I guess we would have to wing it but I’m also not going to break so would I enjoy it a little rough yes.

2:51 PM Him: Yes, that was incredible, especially because she was on her back and he literally mounted her.

2:53 PM Her: I wouldn’t mind being mounted while on my back but that was a little to hard core for me right now. who knows with a lot of training I might cum to like it?

2:55 PM Him: And he is big. I think if you can take it in other positions why not? But its something you work up to.

2:57 PM Her: It’s all what you’re comfortable with but I think if you work your way up to that level it might be fun. If its not working you can always try another position that is just as enjoyable. I just think how great my lips would look after a pounding like that! Just like Angelina Jolie!! See always thinking about myself!!

Him: LOL. Your long hair would be very convenient for that as well.

3:00 PM Her: You’d have me gladly trapped on that luscious cock!

Him: So for your ass…Yes, I would start with you on your back. Lick and kiss my way down your body. Slide my tongue up and down those beautiful wet pussy lips I stare at each day, Then Lower. I would lift your legs by the backs of your knees and lick your asshole. Slow swirling licks would lead to probing licks and then I would harden my tongue and push it inside you. My nose would be in your pussy and I would love it. I would stroke your clit and tongue fuck your ass. I would see how far i could stick my tongue inside you. I would then lick up and fuck your pussy with my tongue. You taste so good . I would rub your own sweet juice all over your lips and your ass. And I would add some some of my spit. to your ass and rub it in with my finger. I would press my index finger into you slowly. I know you can handle that as it’s smaller than the plug. But I work it in and out more to spread your own lube inside you. When i take it out I get the Lube I plan to use. I drip some of it on your clit and your pussy and then more on your asshole. It’s cold and the drips send shock waves through you. Then I add some to my hand, coating my two fingers. I press in my index and middle fingers, rubbing them all over your ass and then slowly working them into you. My other hand started to rub the lube into your cunt, all over your swollen and sensitive clit. You are so slick now, I love it. I push my fingers knuckle deep in your ass. This is thicker than the plug but you were ready for that and easily handle it. I pump them in and out slowly. Twisting and prying them open. Ready for more ?

3:26 PM Her: Yes Yes Yes

3:27 PM Him: I add my ring finger. The tips of the three fingers are easy to handle, but as I push deeper they widen more and more. When I feel you tense I stop and pull out to the tips, then slowly work them back in. I flick my thumb over your slick pussy and rub your clit. Relax. I push the three fingers back in deeper and deeper. We are almost as thick as my cock here I say. This time I am in you up to knuckle when you tense up. I pull them out and move the tips in a circle. You are gaping for me . Your ass wants more.

3:31 PM Her: I want more.

3:33 PM Him: I push in again to the knuckle. You’re so tight, it is squeezing my fingers. You are making my cock ache . Your ass is so tight. I want it so bad. You are more relaxed now and I don’t feel you tense at all. I push in and then pull out. I start to pump my fingers in and out steady and slowly. Does that feel good? Do you like my fingers in your ass? I climb up on the bed between you legs. I keep my fingers in your ass and with my other hand I drip some lube on my cock, I stroke it as I fuck your ass with my hand. Its so slick from the lube my hand feels amazing. I take my fingers out and add more lube to your ass. Your pucker gapes open just a bit so I drip the lube straight inside you. I add some more to the head of my cock and then rub it right against your asshole. I am so hard for this. Are you ready?

Her: Yes Please

3:39 PM Him: I push in just a bit. Your sphincter is tight so at first the head of my cock won’t go in. I hold you still and apply gentle, but steady pressure. The lube helps and your sphincter yields to me and the head goes in. You know the pics I sent you what the head of my cock looks like so imagine that slipping into your ass. You tense up now, because the thickest part of me is now stretching you. Again I keep up the steady pressure and slowly slide more and more inside you. As I get thinner towards the base you are now pulling me in because your asshole just wants to squeeze closed. the tight tight ring of it squeezes my cock so wonderfully, but I want to control the penetration. I want you to feel each inch slowly sinking deeper in you until I am all the way in. Your hand on my stomach lets me know you need me to pause and I hold steady. Relax. Let your self adjust I whisper. I hold my self steady which is not easy as you’re so fucking tight. It feels so good. A few deep breaths and I feel you relax. The clench of your asshole on my cock loosens. I hold still though and continue to let you adjust. Then I move deeper until my balls are against your lower back and my pelvis is grinding your pussy. I lean over you and kiss deeply, holding myself balls deep in your ass.

3:49 PM Her: That vibration in my pussy is back! My God I need you to please fuck me!

3:50 PM Him: While we kiss i slowly pull out. Very slowly. This is where a lot of the pleasure is. I want you to feel that. I pull out and then move back in Then it would be slow and steady moving in an out. Long deep strokes while I kissed you and told you how amazing your ass felt, or sat up and stroked your clit.

I’d finger your pussy and make you cum as many times as I could before I exploded. For the first time do you want my cum in your tight little ass?

3:53 PM Her: Yes please cum in my ass!

3:56 PM Him: I was hoping you would say that. I start to pump harder and faster and I lose some of the gentleness as I need to cum now. It won’t take me more than a few strokes and I explode. My cock thickens as i cum and it stretches you even more and after the last few hard strokes its a mix of pain and pleasure as you feel my hot cum fill your ass. God I would collapse after that and just nuzzle your neck and you nipples and whisper how amazing your ass was. That is how I would fuck your ass the first time. Slow and easy. make it very enjoyable. If you wanted it harder or slower we would adjust as we went.

3:58 PM Her: That was beautiful and now I want it even more. with you. It would be amazing I think. I am getting tired of going home every night and abusing myself! Have a good night Babe I’m taking my wet ass home for the day! No response needed just talking out loud.

4:06 PM Him: I know. I would love this as well. Have a good night.


Scarlett’s Tales Chapter 4 – A Plan of Seduction Part 2

Part 2

Scarlett popped the champagne bottle as the limo pulled from the driveway.  Carefully, she poured a glass for everyone with Mandy’s help.  Toasting a good evening for all and a Happy Birthday for Jay.  D slid over to Jay pulling a silk scarf out of her bag she explained where they were going was a surprise and he needed to be blindfolded.   Jay cut his eyes at her and then at Scarlett and Mandy.  “What are the three of you up to?  Am I going to survive whatever you all have planned for me?”.  The girls laughed and assured him they didn’t think he would expire but could make no guarantees.  He smiled and allowed D to blindfold him and he waited for the limo to stop.  Jay embraced his blindness and found listening to the woman talk and laugh very stimulating.  He rather liked the lack of control over what was to come, he found the voices of D, Scarlett and Mandy washed over him, relaxing and arousing him.  Before long he was half hard and the limo came to a stop.  The ladies helped him out of the limo and they entered a building.  He could hear the faint sounds of music playing, something you would hear in a restaurant.  He hoped they were not going to parade him through a restaurant filled with his friends blindfolded.  While he loved the idea of showing off these three stunning women, he secretly hoped the evening’s celebrations would be a bit more intimate.  Suddenly, he was thrown off by the deep male voice saying good evening to D.  This voice assured D all of her requests had been fulfilled and he led them to the elevator.  The doors opened and he could feel the atmosphere in the women change.  They had become quieter, more reserved, almost nervous.  Jay could also hear voices, smelled a familiar scent in the air he just couldn’t quite place.  They exited the elevator and D steered Jay forward coming to a stop.  As soon as they stopped Jay recognized the sounds and smell immediately.  A million things went through his mind and he could not understand what D had done.  Where were they, what was D doing? What did she expect him to do? Even with all of the questions. the sounds of what was going on around them made him hard as a rock.  He felt D move in front of him and his hands went to her waist.  She put her finger to his mouth when he went to ask her what the hell was going on.  She whispered that she was going to remove the blindfold, then leaned in and kissed him.  He felt both of her hands started to untie the knot in the black silk scarf, at the same time a bold hand caressed his cock.  He knew it had to be Scarlett and he pushed his cock into her grasp enjoying the feel of two women touching him.  The knot gave way and as the blindfold fell away so did the hand grasping his cock.  As his eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room, he focused on the three woman standing in front of him.  Not one gave a hint or a clue as to who had just been grasping his cock.  He could still feel her bold caress on his thick engorged cock but to be honest he was still very much questioning where he was and what the hell was going to happen to him.  He looked past the women to the center of the room where the massive four poster bed sat.  While the room was dimly lit along the edges, the bed was well lit by strategic lighting.  The white bedding and drapes hanging from the large pillars at each corner of the bed almost glowed giving the onlookers a hazy view of the occupants.  While the bed could have easily held 20 or more people it held only 1 woman and 3 men in the center of the bed.  The tableau before him was amazingly erotic, the female was lying on her back on top of one man who clearly had his cock pushed fully into her ass.  A second man had his face buried in her cunt, slowly eating her, torturing her.  The third man was straddling her, fucking her face, pushing deep into her throat.  The gasping gagging sounds she was making sent shock waves through Jay’s body and his cock was pulsing hard.  The man face fucking her was calling her his cum slut, his whore, while the man with his cock buried in her ass slowly caressed her breasts and held her throat.  He was softly telling her how good it felt, feeling his friends cock thrusting in and out of her throat. The man eating her pussy raised his head, her juice was dripping off of his chin.  He pushed his fist into her cunt and slowly began to thrust inside her.  It was evident from the tightening in her body that she was orgasming, her moans went unheard.  Jay knew her face fucking partner felt those moans as they vibrated over his cock and the man was going to blow his load any second.  Jay was right, he came with a roar falling off of her face landing next to her.  She laid gasping for breath and swallowing as fast as she could to avoid choking on his massive load.  She didn’t have long to recover before she was lifted forward and placed on her hands and knees.  The man who had been beneath her pushed hard into her gaping ass and started to pound her hard.  She was in pain but Jay knew she loved it.  Her other partner knelt in front of her and stroked his cock telling her how he was going to paint her face with his cum, then feed it to her.  He continued to stroke and came, spraying his jizz all over her face. The sight of her face being painted this way set off her ass partner.  Jay watched as he pulled out of her ass and stroked fast, cumming on top of her ass.  He and D enjoyed anal sex and he never tired watching her ass gaping open when he pulled his cock out of her, or watching his cum ooze out of her and slide across her pussy lips.  He was going to cum if he didn’t stop thinking about this.  The show was obviously over but as Jay took in the rest of the room he realized a number of others around them were enjoying themselves in all manner of positions and kinks.  He felt his hand being grasped and lifted.  Mandy took his hand and was motioning for him to follow D and Scarlett as they made their way through the room.  Jay followed in a daze as they entered a small hallway and D opened a closed door and waited as Mandy followed Scarlett pulling Jay into the room.  D entered behind him and closed the door softly.


The room was well-lit with a multitude of candles.  Jay was shocked at how richly decorated the room was.  A large bed in the center of the room, to the right of the bed was a large bath tub.  Facing the tub was a large leather chair that he assumed was meant for someone to sit in comfortably and watch another bathe.  To the left of the bed was a Saint Andrew’s cross with restraints for arms and legs.  A table sat next to the cross and it held a flogger, crop, cane, and a multitude of dildo’s and vibrators.  Jay walked over and touched each looking around wondering; hoping that what he thought was going to happen in this room was in fact going to happen.  He turned to see the three women standing side by side at the foot of the bed.  He stood in front of them and watched in awe as the three in unison undid their dresses at the shoulder and waist and allowed them to float to the floor leaving them all gloriously nude.  They all wore only a small gold chain around their waists and Jay could see each had a charm that bore his name.  Jay approached D and she held her hand up staying him.  “Master we are your slaves for the evening; it is our job to make sure you find joy and sensual delights with the evening to come.  We will each have you and you will have us.  The four of us will find pleasure together.  Do we meet with your approval? Do we have your favor? Are we desirable?” Jay was stunned and swallowed heavily as Scarlett approached and slid her hands under his tuxedo jacket pushing it off of his shoulders and down his arms.  Scarlett never took her eyes from Jay’s and she again repeated the same questions D had. “Do we meet with your approval? Do we have your favor? Are we desirable?”   Mandy now approached and untied his bow tie and began to pop the buttons of his dress shirt, one by one never taking her eyes from his.  She pushed his shirt over his shoulders and let it fall to the floor.  She bent her head and taking his nipple into her mouth she kissed and licked it, repeating the same questions asked by D and Scarlett.  D then approached and ran her finger from his chest to his belt.  She unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants.  Bending to her knees she took his zipper in her teeth and unzipped his pants allowing her nose to graze his cock which was hard as steel.  She lowered his pants and allowed Jay to place his hand on her head for balance as she removed his shoes and pants. D slid her hands up the backs of Jay’s legs and under the bottom of his tight boxer briefs she slowly caressed Jay’s muscular ass cheeks and then slowly removed his briefs freeing his hard aching cock.  D surprised Jay by rising, leading him to the bathtub.  God how he wanted her to suck him into her throat.  There a warm bath waiting, he sank into the warm water feeling it relax him.  He watched D sit in the large leather chair facing him. She leaned back and spread her legs placing them over the arms of the chair. He watched her closely as she slid her two middle fingers down her slit and then into her hole.  Mandy knelt at the far side of the tub and began to sponge Jay’s chest and arms.  Jay continued to watch his wife finger herself and then saw Scarlett kneel in front of D.  Removing her fingers from her cunt, D held them out for Scarlett, she took them into her mouth sucking the juice slowly off D’s fingers.  Scarlett then bent and kissed D’s smooth mons.  Jay had a perfect view and watched as Scarlett slowly opened D’s pussy lips revealing her pink succulent flesh.  Scarlett licked D from her hole to clit making D groan and thrust her hips forward, she wanted more than the delicate touch Scarlett was giving her.  Jay felt Mandy’s hand grasp his hard cock and start to stroke him under the water.  “That feels so fucking good Mandy keep going”. Jay leaned back into the tub enjoying the feel of Mandy’s hand on his cock.  He never stopped watching his wife and how she was enjoying Scarlett’s tongue.  Scarlett had a spectacular ass and Jay’s gaze swept over her firm cheeks and that’s when he noticed the jeweled butt plug she wore.  He groaned thinking about her pushing that plug into her ass, or better yet his wife pushing it into her friend’s ass.  His mind was on fantasy overload and he needed to cum.  He stood up and got out of the tub, Mandy rose and towel dried him off then kneeled in front of him.  “What is it you desire Master?” Mandy asked in her sultry sweet voice. Jay’s cock was still hard and pulsing, he needed to get inside someone’s mouth ass or cunt.  He moved to stand next to the chair watching as Scarlett brought D closer and closer to orgasm.  He needed to watch, see D cum.  Mandy kneeled in front of him and took his cock in her mouth.  Slowly she licked and sucked her way down his shaft.  Licking and sucking on each of his balls watching them tighten as she released them from her mouth.  Then slowly back up his fuck stick until she took him into her mouth swallowing him deep into her throat. Jay told her he couldn’t be gentle he needed to cum and he needed it rough, now.  Grasping her head he slammed deeper into her throat his 8 inches filling her.  He pulled out and slammed home again in rapid fire.  Mandy was able to get a little gasp of air into her lungs each time he pulled out, she gagged at his rough treatment of her mouth, secretly she loved it. Within a few strokes Jay couldn’t hold on and came shooting his load deep into Mandy’s throat. D was not far behind him as she came over Scarlett’s face.  Groaning and panting her back arched, face flushed with pleasure.  Jay had never seen her look so beautiful.  The look of pleasure on her face made him slightly jealous, knowing Scarlett had been the cause of her pleasure and not him.  Jay helped Scarlett to her feet and then lifted D to her feet kissing her gently.  He could feel Scarlett tight against his back as she wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed across his back.  D looked up at him and told him gently to enjoy the evening not to think about anything other than pleasure.  The three of them were there to do as he bid, whatever, whenever, and however he wished.


Jay didn’t take long to get into character and he ordered Scarlett to the Saint Andrews Cross telling D and Mandy to fasten the restraints on her arms and legs.  Once Scarlett was secured Jay instructed D to tie Mandy to a hard wooden chair sitting next to the cross.  Jay then tied D to another chair seating her on the opposite side of the cross.  Moving to the table he picked up the flogger, he itched to use it on Scarlett’s back and ass.  He also picked up two bullet vibrators to keep the other two ladies busy while he was enjoying Scarlett.  Holding the little bullet in front of Mandy he turned it on sliding it over her lips noting how red and swollen they were from his rough fucking of her mouth.  He moved the bullet down her chin and neck and slowly traced her brown nipples watching them harden and swell.  He continued down her body and stopped at her clit, watching as she rolled her head back and closed her eyes.  Jay pushed the small vibrator into her hole and watched as she opened her eyes and squirmed in her seat.  Turning to D he repeated the torture with the small vibrator.  Standing Jay turned his attention to Scarlett, he approached her bracing his hands on the cross grasping her bound wrists, grinding his hard cock  and pelvis into her ass.  She moaned at the pressure, Jay leaned into her pushing her butt plug further into her ass.  Slowly he told Scarlett he was going to flog her back and ass until she was covered in thin red strips.  The idea of turning her skin red was something Jay found very erotic.  He could hardly wait to see her pale creamy flesh become raised and red.  To feel the heat on his groin as he finally fucked her ass.  He licked the side of Scarlett’s face telling her that he would bring her pain first but it would turn to pleasure.  She needed only to be brave and let herself enjoy what he knew she craved.  Scarlett felt the heat of his body leave hers and she was wet already.  She shook with excitement for what was to come.  She tensed and waited, barely breathing, until she heard the air move with the first stroke.  The sting fell over her back crossing from her left shoulder to her low back.  The exhilaration they both felt was indescribable.  Hers from the sheer feeling of the heat and sound of the flogger striking her skin.  The tingling of her nerve endings throughout her entire body was like nothing she had ever felt.  Jay had never been this hard, watching Scarlett’s skin rise and redden in streaks across her back. He advanced on her and again held his naked body tight to her back, the heat from just the one stroke was amazing.  His cock pulsed in response. He pulled back causing Scarlett to moan at the loss of contact.  He slowly ran his hand gently over the red welts following the path the flogger had left for him.  He nuzzled Scarlett’s neck as he told her how beautiful her back was.  Inhaling her scent, he tried to get a grip on himself, he was going to cum if he didn’t take a minute to calm down.  He backed up and again brought the flogger down, this time on Scarlett’s right shoulder and followed through until reaching her low back.  She was marked with an X in thin red stripes from shoulder to low back just above the rise of her bottom.  Her silky cheeks flowed softly from her low back and he wanted so bad to be where her butt plug sat.  To push into her tight hot hole.  Holding his hand to the side he brought the flogger across her ass from her right hip to her left cheek. Again the color was fantastic and the moan Scarlett let out just enforced what Jay had known all along, Scarlett liked it, she liked the pain.  In a moment Jay would turn her pain into pleasure.  He backhanded her left ass cheek, the flogger biting into her left hip, ending at her right cheek.  Jay looked to D and she smiled knowing what he was going to do.  The bullet in her cunt was vibrating at full blast and while she herself had never enjoyed flogging, watching Jay become so excited and hard almost made her cum.  She knew watching him fuck Scarlett would finish her off.  She relaxed and enjoyed the show.  Mandy as well was enjoying the show and while she ached to be the one about to have her ass stuffed, she was going to cum watching them.  .


Jay advanced the 2 steps to Scarlett pushing his hand between her spread legs.  He could see how wet she was, her juice coating the insides of her thighs.  He pushed 2 fingers deep inside her and he loved the wet sound she made as he pushed in and out of her.  The sound of a happy cunt always made him hard.  He reached around to her ass and grasping the head of Scarlett’s butt plug he slowly pushed in and out fucking her ass while his fingers still fucked her cunt.  Scarlett was moaning, panting barely able to breathe.  She was in heat and needed to be fucked, to stop now would be torture for her and for Jay.  With a fast tug Jay pulled the plug out of Scarlett’s ass roughly, causing her to scream.  Jay held Scarlett’s throat while he removed his fingers from her pussy sliding them up to her ass.  Feeling her gaping hole he spread her juice around her opening, lubing her.  He slid his steel hard cock into her wet cunt getting it wet with her juice. As he stroked in and out of her cunt he told Scarlett how he was going to ride her ass.  How he was going to give her a cream pie for the other ladies to eat. Jay was still holding the butt plug, after he came he was going to push it back into Scarlett’s ass to stop his cum from sliding out of her.  Slowly he slid his cock out of her cunt and positioned himself at her back door.  He pushed slowly at first waiting for her to relax around his thick cock.  Continued pressure on her hole allowed him to slide into her hot tight ass.  Scarlett loved the feeling of a cock sliding into her ass, the initial burn and pain only made that first withdrawal so much sweeter.  She knew the sweetness would only increase as Jay stroked in and out of her ass.  Jay pushed fully into her holding still, pulsing, and stretching her silky anal tissues.  God he felt like he was going to cum with that one stroke.  It felt so good as he slid his cock back across her hot ass flesh almost to the tip and pushed inside her again.  Jay found his rhythm but knew he’d not last.  Reaching forward he fingered Scarlett’s clit as he started to pound heavily into her ass.  He knew she was ready to cum, he could feel how swollen and tight her pussy is.  He continued to flick Scarlett’s clit faster and harder until he felt her tense and then explode.  She squirted over his balls and down both of their legs.  The feel of her hot wet juice running over him was so sexy he couldn’t hold back, he pushed hard into her ass emptying himself with pulse after pulse.  His cock, spasmed, until finally he can pull his now soft cock out and push the plug into Scarlett’s well fucked ass hole.  He unbuckled Scarlett’s wrists and ankles rubbing them, telling her how good she was..  


When Scarlett is able to stand on her own Jay told her to untie Mandy and he’d look after D.  He whispered into Scarlett’s ear and she smiled at him and nods her head in agreement.  Over to Mandy she went untying her hands and feet.  Mandy is sweating and panting, she needs to cum.  As soon as her hands are free she immediately starts rubbing her clit fast and hard.  Scarlett lends a hand by pushing her fingers into Mandy’s wet fuck hole making her cum almost instantly.  Scarlett removed the bullet vibe and turned it off.  She looked at Mandy still sitting is the chair so relaxed and satisfied.  Leaning down she kissed her, soft, slow and very sensual.  Jay caught a glimpse of the two girls and the picture they created, one of the most erotic things he’s ever seen.  He knew he would never forget this night.


Jay turned to his wife, the woman who set all of this in motion.  He knew how badly she needed to cum, but he wanted to play with her until the other two were ready.  His cock still wet with a mixture of Scarlett’s ass juice and his cum, holding his cock he rubbed it over D’s face.  Her tongue reaches for it as he quickly lets it slide over her lips. Her tongue is too slow and she merely catches a taste of what is left on his cock.  She greedily licked her lips, and watched as Jay circled her rubbing the head of his cock along her cheek, down her neck, until he stopped behind her.  Bending he whispered his thanks in her ear for his birthday gift.  Slowly licking the outer edge of her ear as his fingertips roamed lightly down her arms, coming to a stop at the restraints that held her to the chair.  Jay continues to whisper in his low thick voice causing D to shiver with excitement. “I will release you from the chair but you can’t cum.  I will remove the vibe from that sweet cunt of yours but you can’t cum.”.  D nodded as Jay walked in front of her.  He bent and removed her wrist and ankle restraints, gently sliding his fingers inside her removing the vibe.  The look of relief was written all over D’s face but she still needed a release.  Jay was excited to watch his plan unfold.  He lifted D and carried her over to the bed laying her gently in the middle with a pillow under her head and a pillow under her ass lifting her pelvis.  Mandy walked over to the bed and turned facing Jay and D.  In her hand she stroked a bright pink strap on cock stroking it with lube.  Without saying a word she climbed onto the bed and positioned herself between D’s legs.  Leaning down Mandy licked D from her clit, travelling up her body, stopping at her lips.  Kissing D sweetly she allowed Jay to position the large pink cock at D’s entrance.  Mandy slid home pushing the cock deep into D.  The site of the bright pink cock sliding into her was amazing, watching D’s cunt stretch over the head of the pink cock and then disappear into her body excited Jay  He stroked his own cock, he could hardly wait to get into Mandy’s cunt after watching this.  He had saved a surprise for D and wouldn’t move until Scarlett made it happen.  Jay watched Scarlett climb onto the bed and position herself so her knees were on either side of D’s head.  Her ass and cunt inches from D’s mouth.  Scarlett faced Jay pulling her butt plug out and slowly the cum slid from Scarlett’s ass, Jay watched it travel across her pussy lips and drip into D’s waiting mouth.  That was it, Jay couldn’t wait any longer.  He climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind Mandy and pushed his rock hard cock into her waiting wet cunt. He pumped hard into Mandy which caused her to pump hard into D.  Jay watched his wife eat Scarlett’s pussy, sucking all that cream.  He loved watching the pink dildo slide into D as he fucked Mandy with his thick meaty cock.  He didn’t want to be the first to cum but this was all too much, the pink dildo, listening to the sucking noises D was making in Scarlett’s cunt.  He pushed Mandy hard into D and told her to stay there and finger D’s clit.  He pulled out and stroked his cock cumming over Mandy’s back.  Mandy fingered D hard and ground her cunt against D’s pelvis.  Both D and Mandy came within seconds of Jay, D screaming into Scarlett’s pussy.  The vibrations were too much for Scarlett and she came again squirting all over D’s face.  Exhausted, the sexy foursome collapsed on the bed a heap of tangled arms, legs, cum and a very wet bright pink strap on.  As they recovered from this hugely erotic sexcapade they cuddled up together and talked about how good that was for all of them.  Jay was exuberant in his thanks for such a memorable birthday and promised to take them all shopping the following day.  


As the foursome quieted Jay could hear the sound of clapping, thunderous applause and he wondered where it was coming from.  D reached to the bedside table and pulled a remote from the drawer.  Clicking the remote the middle section of the mirrored wall opened to reveal a number of the clubs members, including the foursome from the bed in the play area clapping.  They had all obviously enjoyed the performance put on by the girls and Jay.  D leaned over and told Jay that the wall was two-way glass and the club members had watched everything.  D chewed on her lip worried he might be angry.  He laughed and simply asked her to please tell him they were coming back so they could try out the big bed in the playroom next time!


This chapter of Scarlett’s Tales was written with a specific gentleman in mind.  Although fictional who knows maybe these three lovely ladies will make this story a reality for him one day.

We love you J!



Scarlett’s Tales Chapter 4 – A Plan of Seduction Part 1

A plan of Seduction
Scarlett and Mandy landed just minutes after they got dressed. They thanked Joe, Scott and Robert for a great trip and even Millicent. Millicent and Mandy had a 4 day lay over and Scarlett was scheduled to fly back with them to New York. Scarlett talked Mandy into coming with her to surprise Dahlia or D as they had always called her. D and Scarlett had kept in touch over the past years but D would love to see Mandy and catch up with her she was sure of it.

As they exited the plane and walked into the terminal Scarlett spotted him. He was hard to miss.   A giant of a man, blond good looks tight trim body, a man every woman in the place couldn’t help but picture naked. “Jay!” Scarlett yelled as she waved to him.  She had always thought D was a lucky woman when it came to catching him.  He bent hugging Scarlett tightly, he was so tall she still had to stand on her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek.  When they ended their embrace Scarlett introduced Mandy and explained how they had all gone to school together, and come to be on the same flight. Within minutes they were loaded into Jay’s Audi and were speeding down the freeway.

They pulled up the drive of Jay and D’s house within thirty minutes of leaving the airport, Scarlett was getting excited to see D. The house was a large two story and had four bedrooms, plenty of space and privacy especially in back. There was a beautiful garden and a huge pool. Scarlett remembered the last time she had stayed there, almost a year ago, Jay had been away on business. Scarlett and D had sat out back by the fire pit drinking wine into the night. They got drunk and ended up making out. Nothing major just kissing and touching, they laughed about it the next day. Jay parked in the garage and opened the door putting his finger to his lips telling the girls to be quiet. They smiled and snuck in behind him. “D” he called “I have a surprise for you”. “In the kitchen” D hollered back. He walked into the kitchen and smiled at his wife, she was covered in flour and made quite the fetching sight. She looked up giving him a huge smile, then asked “Where’s my surprise?” Scarlett and Mandy jumped into the kitchen scaring her. D quickly recovered and they were all hugging and screaming, Jay quickly moved out of the way.

Before long they were all in the great room drinking wine and Jay was cooking a late supper. The group was well relaxed by the time they ate so the girls just picked at their food and drank more wine. After Jay cleaned up, he excused himself to go to his home office to work, leaving the ladies to gossip and drink more wine. D asked Scarlett how her New years had been and what she had been up to since. Scarlett told her about her steamy erotic encounters with Sam and John and showed D the tattoo John had given her. After a bit more wine and D getting caught up with Mandy they fessed up, telling D how interesting the flight from New York had really been. D had long since known how wild Scarlett could be and she longed for some of that wildness herself. Maybe Scarlett and Mandy coming for the weekend had been a sign that D should take the cock by the balls and go for it. D lowered her voice and checked to make sure Jay’s office door was still closed. She told Scarlett and Mandy that Jay’s birthday was coming up and wanted to surprise him with something very special. D had already purchased a membership for her and Jay at a local sex club. What she wanted was to give Jay a foursome, him and 3 girls at the club. If Scarlett and D agreed she wouldn’t have to hire another 2 girls to help make the surprise come to reality. The only other detail she had to tell them was that the encounter would be in front of the other club members. It would be in a private room that had a viewing wall so any members could sit and watch unseen through the two way glass. Maybe it was the wine talking but the girls all agreed and made plans for the next day. They would go to the club and see what they had to work with and develop a plan of seduction for Jay.

They pulled up to the gate and D punched in the code they had given her when she obtained the membership. The club was breathtaking, D had done a lot of research but had certainly chosen well. The main floor housed the large richly decorated dining room along with a number of small private dining rooms that were all elegantly decorated and bespoke of charm and classic beauty. The members had available to them 5 star dining and service , any food they wished for could be prepared at a moment’s notice. Today the dining room was dimly lit and a number of the members were eating lunch. There was a table toward the rear of the dining room that was a long rectangular shape. Three chairs flanked each side and one at each end. Scarlett was surprised to see lying across the middle of the table a very lovely naked woman covered in sushi. The members and guests sitting at the table took no notice of this lovely woman until they saw Scarlett staring at her. They invited Scarlett, Mandy, and D to join them for lunch. They asked that additional chairs be brought and the women sat thanking the men and women at the table. They laughed when Scarlett picked up her chopsticks and looked over the expanse of creamy skin lying in front of her. Their host, a man at the end of the table stood, telling the three the only rule at the table was they had to pick a piece of sushi and remove it with their mouth, no chopsticks. He bent over the girls bare shaven pussy and slowly licked up her slit carefully teasing the piece of sushi placed on top of her mound until his tongue was underneath it and he slowly lifted it off her body. Pleasure on the girl’s face, how her skin glowed, told Scarlett the girl was very turned on that this many people were eating food off of her body. The ladies looked at each other and smiled. Scarlett chose a piece that was placed just under the bottom swell of the girl’s right breast. In order for Scarlett to pick up the piece of sushi she would need to nuzzle the underside of the breast with her nose, lips and tongue. Scarlett lifted the bottom of the girl’s breast slowly with her nose. She enjoyed how the girl smelled, rather like cherry blossoms. Her skin was smooth as silk and creamy in color, her nipples a light pink. She could feel the girl’s breathing hasten, becoming faster and faster. Scarlett enjoyed watching as the girl’s nipples tightened and darkened becoming hard and pebbled, she knew they ached to be sucked. Scarlett’s breath was hot which was adding to the girl’s arousal, suddenly Scarlett’s tongue swept under the piece of sushi, the girl moaned wanting more of Scarlet’s thick wet tongue. The piece of sushi firmly in her mouth was lifted and Scarlett smiled wolfishly at the girl, she chewed and swallowed her prize and then thanked the girl with a nod of her head. D followed suit and picked a piece off of the top of the girls right thigh. The delicate yellow tail had been sitting at the top of her thigh, leaning on the girls plump pussy lip. D would have to lick up the girl’s thigh separating the sushi from her dewing lips. Leaning forward D slowly blew on the girls flesh watching her pussy lips swell and become covered in small goosebumps. The heat of D’s tongue as she slid deep into the crevice that started in between the sweet young girl’s legs, caused the girl to exhale, and close her eyes. She was enjoying this, D slowly pointed her tongue and slid upwards. When she reached the piece of sushi she took it fully in her mouth, instead of lifting D kissed and sucked the girl’s pussy causing her to moan loudly. The table cheered and clapped as D finally lifted her mouth and sat in her chair. Mandy was next. She chose a piece of salmon sushi that was nestled on top of the girl’s belly button. Her flat, silky belly quivered as she bent over the girl. Mandy’s breathed hot little pants onthe girl’s stomach and Mandy enjoyed watching as her muscles jumped in anticipation of what was to come. Mandy didn’t disappoint as her tongue traced the edge of the sushi slowly circling the piece. Mandy decided she needed to take a slow long route to gain the underside of her piece. She started at the girls clit, slowly sucking, then a slow impossibly wet lick up over her mound, up her lower belly until she reached the small indent of the girl’s perfect inny belly button. Slowly she dipped her tongue under the salmon diving into the girl’s sensitive belly hole. Mandy rolled the sushi off the girl’s belly and proceeded to suck and kiss the girl’s belly button, again tracing the wet line already left on the girl’s belly back down, slowly kissing and sucking along her mound until she reached her clit once more. The girl, unable to stay still, lifted her cunt into Mandy’s face. Slowly she sucked the girl’s clit and with one final kiss, Mandy lifted her head to the stares of the others at the table. She smiled innocently and simply said “I don’t like sushi”. They thanked their host for the exciting lunch and he kissed each of them extending an invitation to play anytime the ladies wanted. They laughed and left the dining room heading down to the play area.

The play area was a large room which held at the center a large bed which looked to be big enough to hold twenty people or so. All around the room in the shadows were more intimate curtained beds where couples had the option of leaving the curtains open or closing for more intimate encounters. The room was occupied by a few couples lounging naked in the smaller more intimate beds. The sounds of them having sex were soft, sexy, and sultry. The three of them looked at one another and each knew the others were wet imagining how good it would feel to be fucked in the open like this with all of the people watching. The threesome continued along a hallway leading from the main play area. Off the hallway were a number of rooms, each contained a private viewing area of a specific playroom. D opened one of the play rooms and they entered a fair sized room. The far wall was all two way glass, and the rest of the walls were covered in rich mahogany wood giving the room a warm feeling. The room was furnished with a large bar by the entryway and a number of warm rich brown leather chairs and sofas. This was obviously the viewing room and it overlooked a beautifully decorated bedroom. Again, a very large bed was center stage. To the right of the bed, a large claw footed tub and a soft leather chair facing the tub. It was evident the chair was used by someone who would wish to watch another bath. To the left of the bed, a Saint Andrews Cross. The furnishings in the bedroom were all parallel to the wall of glass, this allowed for a clear view of the entire room and it’s occupants. Scarlett found the idea of being bound to the cross, flogged, caned, or cropped very stimulating. She knew she would love the pain and asked D if Jay enjoyed inflicting pain. D laughed and admitted Jay loved to spank her until her ass was red, he liked to use a crop or a flogger. “What do you have planned for this foursome?” Scarlett asked D. She admitted she honestly hadn’t a clue how to proceed. Scarlett suggested given the decor of the room that the night be one of pampering for Jay. The three of them could spoil and relax him starting with a bath. Put on a show, make sure he was hard and ready. “How comfortable are you with having sex like this?” Scarlett asked. D admitted that she was not really sure what to do beyond some light touching and kissing. “Perhaps we should make use of this space for the afternoon D, give you a few lessons?” Scarlett casually suggested as she walked toward the bed pulling her top over her head and dropping it onto the floor. Stopping she turned and smiled at the girls, crooking her finger telling D and Mandy to follow.

D was stripped of her clothes by the sexy duo, they slowly caressed and kissed her skin as her clothes drifted to the floor. Soon they were all naked, looking at how sexy they all were together made D incredibly horny. With all three of them on the bed Mandy leaned over and kissed D. Gentle, small, butterfly kisses around her lips. D relaxed and sought to deepen the kiss by opening her mouth, capturing Mandy’s lower lip. Nibbling and licking Mandy’s thick lips until their tongues met. The feel of her soft wet tongue stroking D’s, made her groan into Mandy’s mouth. Jay was a great kisser but this was sexy, no force, no control, just giving and taking pleasure from each other. Scarlett moved in cradling D’s ass between her strong thighs. Her hands moving upwards to cup D’s small perky breasts. The soft pads of Scarlett’s thumbs stroked D’s nipples until they were hard and pointed, each pass of Scarlett’s thumbs caused D’s pussey to pulse. Mandy broke the kiss and laughed, it was obvious they had both very much enjoyed the shared intimacy. “D, I’m going to ask you to watch Scarlett and I.” Mandy said gently. D moved to the foot of the bed and watched as Mandy laid on her back in front of her. Scarlett moved to kneel between Mandy’s open legs, she ran her hands up Mandy’s legs. “D, have you ever looked at yourself? Opened yourself and really looked? Watch as I open Mandy’s pussy. Watch what I do and how I make her feel.” Scarlett said. Using her index fingers she traced across the slight rise of Mandy’s smooth mons and down her slit, up and down ever so gently, barely a whisper of a touch. The touch caused Mandy to open her legs further, her pelvis tilting upwards trying to deepen the caress. Scarlett pushed deeper into her slit and then slid her outer lips open. Mandy’s inner lips were a delicate pink shade, ruffled petals slowly opening to reveal moist succulent flesh surrounding her small wet hole. Scarlett looked to D and said “Look at how beautiful she is. The dewy moisture begging to be licked from her supple flesh. I love how soft a woman feels under my tongue, how she tastes and feels.” Scarlett pushed a single finger deep into Mandy’s wet hole. A single stroke meant to wet her finger. She removed her finger and held it to D’s mouth. D opened eagerly and sucked Scarlett’s finger into her mouth experiencing her first taste of pussy. Scarlett returned to Mandy, pointing her tongue she dipped deep into her hole, sensually stroking up along her lips until she reached her clit. Mandy’s small jewell buried warm and wet inside its hood. Back and forth Scarlett’s skilled tongue flicked coaxing the small white pearl out of her hiding spot. Mandy’s hands were holding Scarlett’s head in place, her thighs closing, pelvis lifting. A thin sheet of sweat covered her upper lip as Scarlett kept up the back and forth motion of her tongue. Groaning and panting Mandy orgasmed holding tightly to Scarlett’s head. D had never seen a woman orgasm, it was beautiful. Mandy’s pelvis lifted straining to keep contact with Scarlett’s mouth, er muscles taut with tension. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open allowing her sweet sounds to escape. You could see the tension leaving her body, as she started to regain her breath her groans turned to light moans and whispers, Scarlett pushed 2 fingers deep into her hole causing Mandy again to arch her back her orgasm renewed. Scarlett eased over Mandy’s body, her fingers held tight by Mandy’s swollen tissues. It was exhilarating to feel the satiny warmth contract around her fingers squeezing them so tightly. Scarlett laid her mons on top of Mandy’s and began to grind clit to clit. “D, sit behind me and fuck me with your fingers. I’m going to cum and I want you to feel how sexy it is to be inside a woman when that happens.” D quickly did as she was asked, sitting between her friend’s legs she slowly pushed 2 fingers into Scarlett’s rosy wet hole. She had never touched another woman like this before, she was shocked at the surge of pleasure she felt. The heat surrounding her fingers, radiating into her hand, the wet sucking noises coming from Scarlett’s cunt as she watched her fingers move in and out, made D wet. She knew what she liked and instinctively knew Scarlett would as well. Leaning over Scarlett, D used her free hand to separate her soft ass cheeks. Flattening her tongue D slid it along Scarlett’s tight pucker causing her to moan into Mandy’s mouth. Faster and faster Scarlett rocked on top of Mandy, grinding clit to clit. She continued to finger fuck Mandy, while D fucked her with her fingers and skillful tongue. Unable to hold on as D pushed her tongue deep into her back door, Scarlett’s pussy spasmed flooding D’s hand with her juice. D was overwhelmed with the sight of Scarlett cuming and sat up removing her dripping fingers from Scarlett’s pussy. D’s pussy was throbbing, she needed a release so she touched herself with the fingers she had just removed from Scarlett. Her fingers still hot and slick with Scarlett’s juice slid over her hard nub causing her to cum almost instantly. The room echoed with the girls sounds of ecstasy, until one of them started giggling, then the other two followed. D had certainly enjoyed their afternoon lesson, she knew the idea of enjoying women was something she and Jay would explore at the club in the future.

Finally home, they walked into the kitchen to find Jay home early, cooking dinner. He had a glass of wine poured for each of them sitting on the large island. They each sat and enjoyed their wine while watching him cook. They giggled about their day, telling him they had gone shopping. He watched the women silently and enjoyed having three beautiful and talented women in his kitchen. His wonderfully beautiful and seductive D, she was the most special woman he had ever met. She had the ability to walk into any room and become the center of attention. She could talk any man into doing anything for her and women simply clung to her hoping some of her magic would rub off on them. There was never a person he met that didn’t talk about how they’d fallen in love with D. Jay knew most of his friends thought she was hot and had a killer body, they were right. He especially loved her mouth, just looking at it knowing what she did to his cock made him hard instantly. Jay’s eyes drifted to Scarlett. She was a stunning brunette that was adventurous to the extreme. From what D had told him there was little that Scarlett didn’t try at least once. She wasn’t interested in doing anything by halves and she needed no man to take care of her. He loved the excitement Scarlett brought into the house and he would miss her when she left. What people didn’t know about her was that she was a very talented artist. Her art was carefully created and beautifully energetic. His attention went to Mandy, she had black hair that hung straight and was silky soft. The kind of hair that any man wanted to get lost in. Her skin the shade of dark toffee, he guessed her skin was unblemished and would be silky under his fingertips. He had known her only a day but she stirred a longing in him that confused him. Her quiet demeanor made most people think her angelic, but he knew from listening to the ladies last night that she had the mouth of a truck driver which made him smile. What shocked him was Mandy’s ability to play the piano. Her fingers flying over the keys was amazing and the sounds stirred his soul. He had to make sure that he took them all out for a black tie dinner so his friends could see him with these three beautiful creatures. Smiling he turned his attention back to serving the meal and again enjoyed the laughter and presence of each of the women.

The following day was Jay’s birthday and the party D had planned at the club would take place that night. Jay was at work and all he was told was that the ladies were taking him someplace special and he was going to love it. The ladies spent the afternoon lying around the pool. Scarlett asked D if she was ready, D admitted she was nervous but felt the night would be exciting and she looked forward to it. Scarlett leaned forward and kissed D, sliding her tongue across her lips D opened and sucked Scarlett’s tongue inside. It was a tender kiss and Scarlett broke free and smiled telling D she would make sure they all enjoyed themselves, saying “We’re here for each other always”.

They showered and dressed in the same Grecian styled gowns, but all three were different in color. D’s dress was emerald green and the cut accentuated her tiny waist and slim figure. Her auburn hair was pinned up and she wore no jewelry. Scarlett’s dress was naturally deep red and again her hair was pinned up in the same style as D’s. Mandy’s gown was a stunning soft blue which accentuated her coloring, her hair pinned high on top of her head accentuating her long thin neck. The dresses were designed to fall away when a jeweled broach at the shoulder and waist were unclipped. None of the woman wore anything under the gowns except a thin gold band around their waists. Each band held Jay’s name on a charm representing his ownership of them for the evening. At eight pm the three ladies were waiting for Jay as he entered the house from the garage. D came forward and kissed him, telling him his tuxedo was laid out and the limo would be arriving shortly. He had time for a shower and to dress and if he needed help just to call one of them. Within twenty minutes he was showered and dressed and looking very fine in his formal attire. He stood in front of D as she tied his bow tie. Scarlett came into the room as D was finishing letting them know the limo had just pulled up. The foursome left and entered the limo leaving Jay on one seat and the three ladies opposite him giggling, he knew they were sharing some dirty little secret. Would it bode well for him? He fucking hoped!


Excert from Part 2

“Jay continued to watch his wife finger herself and then saw Scarlett kneel in front of D.  Removing her fingers from her cunt, D held them out for Scarlett, she took them into her mouth sucking the juice slowly off D’s fingers.  Scarlett then bent and kissed D’s smooth mons,  Jay had a perfect view and watched as Scarlett slowly opened D’s pussy lips revealing her pink succulent flesh.  Scarlett licked D from her hole to her clit making D groan, thrusting her hips forward, she wanted more than the delicate touch Scarlett was giving her.”

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